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Five Easy Ways to Tie a Scarf

It’s fall in Boston. As we slowly approach winter, scarves have become a necessity to wear outside with the cold weather and biting winds. Scarves are a good way to add a finishing touch to any outfit and with the variety of different shapes, styles and colors that scarves come in, its easy to find scarves that suit your own personality. Below, are some different ways of tying scarves that are easy to do and can add a little extra style to any outfit on a cold Boston day.

The first two scarf styles are the basic loop and knot.


Both of these techniques have some length to them, so they are ideal for days with less wind where your scarf won’t be constantly blowing into your face or coming undone.


The next styles are more complicated and are explained in steps.


While these next patterns are more complicated they are still relatively simple.


The main difference between the patterns is the number of knots used and the location of the knots.


A good suggestion when trying out these styles is to use a long scarf because they are easier to tie and give you freedom to try out more looks.

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