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NFL Power Rankings: Week 9

Alex Smith32.) Jacksonville Jaguars (0-8): Jacksonville was on a much needed bye this week. It’s hard getting your butt kicked every week. -DP

31.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-8): Tampa Bay can’t seem to get anything going on offense and they aren’t much better on defense. This is a rebuilding year so they can hope for the Jags to win a game so that they can get a draft pick. –CM

30.) Minnesota Vikings (2-7): Adrian Peterson was a work horse in this past week’s game versus the Cowboys defense that was missing their lead defensive end Demarcus Ware. Christian Ponder played well by his standards, but at the end of the day the defense was unable to stop Tony Romo from advancing up the field with just under three minutes left and allowed him to throw the game winning touchdown. -DP

29.) New York Giants (2-6): The Giants play Oakland next and their defense isn’t great. Maybe this will be an opportunity to have some success from Eli for the first time all season. At least Archie Manning doesn’t have trouble deciding which game to watch on Sundays. –CM

28.) Houston Texans (2-6): Andre Johnson was third string quarterback Case Keenum’s most reliable receiver this game. Johnson had what was his biggest game of the season catching 3 TD passes from Keenum, has proven to be an astounding quarterback in the two games that he’s played in relief of Matt Shaub and TJ Yates. -DP

27.) Pittsburg Steelers (2-6): The Steelers got destroyed by the Patriots; they gave up the most points and yards in Pittsburgh history. This team used to be built on defense and now they aren’t built on much at all. –CM

26.) Atlanta Falcons (2-6): Before the season even started the Falcons were one of those teams that were expected to rival the New Orleans Saints in the NFC South division. The fact that they have severly underperformed can be attributed to a number of things: No Roddy White. No Julio Jones. And finally, Matt Ryan has thrown the 4th most interceptions in the league. -DP

25.) St.Louis Rams (3-6): The Rams lost Sam Bradford and now have the toughest part of their season coming up with a backup. Hopefully the running game can improve or it might be trouble. -CM

24.) Oakland Raiders (3-5): The Oakland Raiders are the 14th best defensive team in the league this season but they didn’t show it against the Eagles this past week. There secondary allowed Nick Foles to match the current record of touchdowns in a game in NFL history. The one other quarterback to match that this season? That guy Peyton Manning. -DP

23.) Buffalo Bills (3-6): CJ Spiller looked like the CJ Spiller we were expecting. He ran for 155 yards and opened up the passing game for the QB carousel. –CM

22.) Baltimore Ravens (3-5): It has not been a good year by any stretch of the imagination for the Baltimore Ravens. Joe Flacco was totally inaccurate against the Browns and Ray Rice didn’t help him at all by running ineffectively. They really need to get it together. –DP

21.) Miami Dolphins (4-4): The dolphins have a bunch of concerns coming off of their big win. The “bullying issue” shouldn’t get in the way but it could if the locker room leadership isn’t taking control. Hopefully they can focus on football and not lose sight of their goal. –CM

20.) Washington Redskins (3-6): Each week that goes by, Robert Griffin III has been playing like RG3 again. While that is a positive sign, the win against the Chargers is in large part because of the toughness that young running back Alfred Morris is exhibiting in running the football. –DP

19.) Philadelphia Eagles (4-5): Nick Foles threw for seven touchdown passes. It is clear who the starting quarterback should be however Chip Kelly isn’t saying who his starter will be based on a week to week injury basis. –CM

18.) Cleveland Browns (4-5): The Browns did exactly what they were supposed to. There front 7 did an absolutely stellar job making things uncomfortable for Joe Flacco and Ray Rice to advance the offense. They collected a total of 5 sacks on Flacco this game and kept Rice to just 17 yards rushing.

17.) Arizona Cardinals (4-4): The Cardinals seem to only lose to the teams in their division, which is admittedly a tough division however they won’t be looking at the post season if they can’t win head to head. –CM

16.) San Diego Chargers (4-4): Phillip Rivers has gone back to being the quarterback we once lauded. He had a very solid performance against the Redskins. It was a very close game with a very unfortunate ending for the Chargers. –DP

15.) Tennessee Titans (4-4): Chris Johnson ran for over 100 yards for the first time all season. If he continues this trend the titans could be on to something. The big question is can they hold teams to less points than Chris Johnson can score. –CM

14.) Carolina Panthers (5-3): There are two main reasons why the Carolina Panthers have a winning record at this point in the season: There defense and the lack of mistakes by Cam Newton. They played exceptionally well against the Falcons, keeping them to just 10 points in this game. -DP

13.) Dallas Cowboys (5-4): Demarco Murray returned and despite having the potential for a running game they threw the ball far too much. Tony Romo is not consistent enough to be throwing the ball that much. –CM

12.) New York Jets (5-4): Could it be that the Jets are actually playoff contenders this season? This past week, Rex and Rob Ryan were on a mission to show the world who holds the best defensive prowess between the two. Rex won. Rex’s defense was able to force three key turnovers on Drew Brees and the Saints to help get the win. -DP

11.) Cincinnati Bengals (6-3): last week was sloppy to say the least for Andy Dalton and the Bengals. There were dropped balls all over the field and the defense didn’t look great. This team is better than they appeared so look for them to improve. –CM

10.) Chicago Bears (5-3): It was Josh McCown’s time to step in for starting quarterback Jay Cutler and he did just enough to help his team win. Would the outcome have been different if the Packers were healthy? Definitely –DP

9.) Green Bay Packers (5-3): The injuries continue to pile up for Green Bay. Now Aaron Rodgers is out for three weeks and those will be three tough weeks with Seneca Wallace at the helm. –CM

8.) Detroit Lions (5-3): The Lions will be well rested going into next week. They are coming off a bye and looking forward to face off with their rivals, the Chicago Bears next week. Let’s see if the Bears defense can keep Megatron under 300 yards receiving. -DP

7.) New Orleans Saints (6-2): Drew Brees threw interceptions and the team suffered. The connection between Graham and Brees isn’t what it used to be and when it returns we should see the old saints back in action. –CM

6.) San Francisco 49ers (6-2): San Fran was also on a bye this week and they have a substantial challenge facing off against a streaky Panthers team -DP

5.) New England Patriots (7-2): Brady is back! He looked like the old Brady last week and I believe it will continue. They shredded the defense and Gronk is playing well. Ridley continues to run hard and we could see super bowl contenders. –CM

4.) Seattle Seahawks (8-1): The absence of Sidney Rice is definitely huge for this Seahawks team, but that is hardly an excuse for how Russell Wilson has been playing at the start of football games. They are currently 27th in the league in passing yards. Wilson definitely needs to elevate his play. They’ve barely escaped with victories in their last two games -DP

3.) Indianapolis Colts (6-2): Andrew Luck is stellar, he is a superstar and he continues to find ways to win games. The loss of Reggie Wayne hurt but wasn’t a killer as was suspected. –CM

2.) Denver Broncos (7-1): Peyton Manning is coming off another bye this week. He should have a great game against the Chargers this upcoming Sunday. -DP

1.) Kansas City Chiefs (9-0): Kansas City is the best team they have a bye this week to prepare to face the other division powerhouse Denver. -CM

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