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Senator Loiselle on Suffolk’s Registration Woes

251Two times a year, Suffolk students spend about two weeks stressing about making an advising appointment, picking classes, and making sure that they get the classes they want before they fill up. They struggle to make sure that they can fit an advising appointment into their already tight schedule, often times meeting to simply get a signature. Having just gone through this absurdly complicated and often confusing process, I want to suggest some changes for the next registration process.

I first suggest dropping the requirement that you meet with your advisor. An advisor is supposed to help you when you get in trouble. But come on, we are college students who are more than capable of picking our own courses without the guidance of our advisor. I have gone through advising three times now. Each time it consisted of me waiting twenty minutes to see him or her, only get into the office hand them my form, and have them sign it. I went in already knowing what classes I had to take because of the program evaluation. For me, and most of the student’s I spoke to there was no need to meet with our advisor except to satisfy the requirement of a signature. I suggest that Suffolk drop the requirement to meet with an advisor and let us act our age and make our own choices. I never had to meet with an advisor when picking high school classes.

Secondly, I suggest the University stop using the assigned registration time. I completely understand letting seniors register first and so on, but why the staggered time each day? Let’s just say that all seniors can register on this day and so on. Fortunately, I have been able to register early each time, but some of my friends get late registration and by the time they can register all of the classes they want are taken. This is a huge problem, and it’s completely unfair. As a Senator in the Student Government Association, I am in a unique position to help make these changes a reality. I will be referring this article to the Chair of the Academics committee in SGA and asking that his committee work with the administration to at least streamline the registration process.

There are a lot of great things happening at Suffolk. I certainly don’t want to take away from them by focusing only on one thing that I think should be fixed. So I want to thank the University and everyone involved for the amazing new student lounge on the ninth floor of 73 Tremont. This space has already proven worthwhile and I my studies have greatly benefited from the space already. If you haven’t had a chance to get up there and check it out, make sure you do because I am sure you will love it. If you have any suggestions about the registration process, or any issues in general please be sure to email the Student Government Association (, we represent you, and are here to help!


Editor’s Note: The views expressed in this column are of the writer’s only and does not represent the views of the Student Government Association as a whole.

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