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Scandal episode Recap: ‘Say Hello to My Little Friend’

“We all deserve a second chance.” – Olivia Pope


Secrets never stay secret; everything you are trying to hide will eventually come out. Several characters realized this during this past Thursday’s Scandal.

The episode dealt with an issue that is all too familiar to people nowadays, a sexting scandal. A senator was caught sending pictures of his genitals to a young woman and then that young women ended up being murdered. So the senator was accused of her murder. Pope and Associates was hired to handle the senator’s image while the case was going on. The senator said that the young woman who was murdered was the only girl he sexted to, but that turns out to be a lie and there were actually many women. And the senator was still sexting women during the trial. Although the senator’s wife was so disgusted with her husband, she still testified that even though her husband was a pervert, he was not a murderer. The senator was acquitted, and then it turns out that his wife was the real murderer. Olivia realizes that the wife was the real murderer because the senator told her that his wife was out shopping during the time of the murder. So Olivia confronts her and the wife says, “We all deserve a second chance,” which hits home to Olivia and many other characters.


The Gladiators at Pope and Associates are not doing so well since Olivia was outed as Fitz’s mistress. The team has been struggling to pay the pays since not many new clients are showing up at the door. Olivia’s name no longer has the power and fear to people since the rumor of being a mistress. What you notice with this is all Olivia is, is her name, Olivia Pope. Olivia is defined by this and it’s what made her a spectacular fixer, but who wants to be fixed by someone who doesn’t have their own life in order.


If Olivia didn’t have enough to deal with already she has to deal with her father Eli coming back into her life. Jake wanted to stay with Olivia to protect and they needed to work together to take Eli down. But Olivia doesn’t want to know what her father is doing. Olivia also doesn’t want to know what the White House is doing. It’s better to stay out of it; pretend that all of the chaos around her isn’t happening. Olivia knows what her father is capable of, even more so when Jake describes what Eli did to him. Jake was thrown in the hole and also with that, Eli watched Jake get almost beaten to death. Eli would then order that Jake be stitched up, bones re-set, and given antibiotics so that he could be almost beaten to death again. Olivia doesn’t know what to do, and this scares her. Although she knows how bad her father is, he is still her father.


I remember when Jake came into the picture, it was very creepy. But he was only following orders from Fitz and Eli, which does make it less creepy. Jake really does have deep feelings for Olivia, which is why he wants to maker her happy and safe. Jake wants to take down Eli for revenge but also to protect Olivia, he doesn’t want to her get hurt again. I do see chemistry between Jake and Olivia, Jake is the only other man, other than Fitz, to make Olivia smile and feel secure. But I still a true believe in Fitz and Olivia being together.


Fitz is also dealing with a secret himself. There is a story about the man Huck killed in the paper and it upset Fitz. The man Huck killed was a former Navy pilot and was a part of Operation Remington, whatever that was. The sister of the deceased can’t afford a proper burial so Fitz makes a call and he is buried with full military honors. Fitz also showed up to the funeral to offer condolences and support. Fitz was also not being himself, for example he was being nice and stood up for Mellie, what was that about? Fitz called Olivia to talk to the one person he can really feel comfortable with but then he realizes that their relationship may never be the same. Fitz thought outing Olivia would protect her but it may have changed the course of their relationship. I felt so bad for Fitz; I am a real Fitz lover and want him and Olivia to be together and happy!


Mellie just needs to learn that something’s need to be kept to ones-self. Mellie was caught in one of those mic left on situations and let her true feelings out about a female democratic congresswoman who is set to run against Fitz in the next election. Fitz’s is already down in female voters, and this just made it worse. Mellie thought her apology would be the end of it, but the damage was already done her comment helped Congresswoman Josephine Marcus become the forefront contender. Mellie tried to look at this as just a little insistent that no one will pay attention to, but I have a feeling this will end up kicking Mellie in the butt when the election comes around.


Although this episode was a rating low for Scandal I think it was a solid episode. It didn’t move to the usual pace, but all the characters really came together like true Gladiators. And Fitz walking into Eli’s office like a boss was awesome! I love Fitz so much, he is not letting anyone control him and it’s making him a better President.

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