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NFL Power Rankings: Week 8

NFL: Houston Texans at Kansas City ChiefsHalf of this year’s NFL season has finally passed us by. Find out where your team lies at the halfway point this season.

32.) Jacksonville Jaguars (0-8): The Jags simply cannot score. There are individual players in the league with more total points than the Jags and some of them aren’t quarterbacks. -CM

31.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-7): Coach Schiano has been on the hot seat for quite some time now in the city of Tampa Bay. Last week, a radio station bought a billboard and plastered it with a sign that stated “Fire Schiano.” Things aren’t looking good at all in Tampa this year. -DP

30.) Minnesota Vikings (1-6): The Vikings look horrible with their new QB. I think it will be a while if ever that they figure it out. Looks like its AP or bust this year. -CM

29.) Pittsburg Steelers (2-5): Just when the Steelers thought they were on the climb from their poor start to the season, they played the Raiders. They just weren’t prepared. Lacked discipline in every facet of the game. Passing, rushing, blocking, making good decisions with the football, reading offensive schemes. None of it was there. -DP

28.) Oakland Raiders (3-4): Terrelle Pryor had an amazing run and he isn’t playing bad. He is looking at a winning season if he can keep this going and for the raiders that is a big deal. -CM

27.) Houston Texans (2-5): I hope the bye week was enough for the Texans to address their problems because there have been many problems this season. Brian Cushing is out for the season. They have resorted to using their third string quarterback because the backup (TJ Yates) did a terrible job backing up the starter (Matt Shaub) after he got injured. -DP

26.) New York Giants (2-6): The Defense is back in action and the running game is coming back. Being that they play in the NFC east anything is possible and we could even see them in the playoffs. -CM

25.) Washington Redskins (2-5): RG3 needs to be benched and Kirk Cousin needs to be the starter. It’s not even because of leg issues or his play at quarterback. RG3 is entirely too comfortable. His demeanor on the sidelines isn’t conducive to a winning football team. I’m not buying that “he’s rusty argument.” Where’s the urgency?!?! -DP

24.) Philadelphia Eagles (3-5): The eagles can’t play without a quarterback and the carousel continues to spin with them. McCoy can’t be the power back he won’t hold up. They need to balance their offense and quick.  –CM

23.) Atlanta Falcons (2-5):  Matt Ryan was throwing passes to the wrong birds this past week. Instead of throwing to Falcons he was throwing to Cardinals. I mean, it’s far easier to spot cardinals then falcons during this time of year. Seriously though, 4 interceptions will not win football games. PROTECT THE FOOTBALL! Oh, and Steven Jackson 11 carries for 6 yards isn’t going to cut it, bud.-DP

22.) Buffalo Bills (3-5): The bills are playing ok. They need to be playing terrifically if they plan to beat the unbeaten Chiefs this week. I don’t see it happening unless Mario Williams starts playing offense. -CM

21.) Cleveland Browns (3-5): Despite the loss, they made the Chiefs earn their 8th win of the season, which says a lot about the character of that defense. They weren’t just going to get bullied by Jamaal Charles and Alex Smith just because they have a perfect record. They sacked Alex Smith 6 times in this game. -DP

20.) Tennessee Titans (3-4): The Titans could be looking at a wild card race and they have an easy schedule coming up with the rams, jags, and raiders in the next three games. -CM

19.) Baltimore Ravens (3-4): Yes, they have a losing record this season but the defending champions are still in it. They’ve had a lot of time, coming off a bye week, to really strategize how they go about winning at least 6 of the last 8 games to possibly be in playoff contention.

18.) Carolina Panthers (4-3):  Cam Newton is looking like Cam Newton again this could be huge for the panthers  moving forward. Look for more improvement. -CM

17.) St. Louis Rams (3-4): Very tough night for St. Louis on Monday night but if you’re a Rams fan you shouldn’t be ashamed at all. The Rams had the Seahawks shaking in their boots on that last drive of the game. Perfect clock management, they just couldn’t execute in the red zone. –DP

16.) Arizona Cardinals (4-4): Andre Ellington could be the key for this team. With a huge performance of 154 yards he is the new workhorse in Arizona. This could open up the passing game for the injured Larry Fitzgerald to finally get some big plays. -CM

15.) New York Jets (4-4): Inconsistent. That’s pretty much the only word I can think of to describe the Jets. One week, they defeat the Patriots. The next, they get blown out and totally outplayed by the Bengals. That’s some defense you’ve got there Rex… -DP

14.) San Diego Chargers (4-3): Phillip Rivers is throwing the ball everywhere and the Redskins defense is not going to stop him. He looks to tie Dan Marino’s record for 400 yd games in a season this week. I think he will get it. -CM

13.) Miami Dolphins (3-4): The Dolphins did a great job at exploiting the Patriots weaknesses on defense during the 1st half of this game. Lamar Miller had the best running performance of his career(89 yards) with the majority of his rushing yards coming in bunches in the first half. They just didn’t get it done in the second half. -DP

12.) Chicago Bears (4-3): Jay Cutler needs to get back onto the field but this Monday night game against the Packers will be a good test for the defense and for the offense working with a new quarterback. -CM

11.) New England Patriots (6-2): What an adjustment the Patriots made from the first half to the second. In the first, they left the door wide open for Miller to waltz in and take yardage. Obviously Wilfork and Mayo are no longer there so the necessary adjustments were made by Belichek and defensive coordinator Matt Patricia to fill in some of those gaps to give their offense a chance to execute. -DP

10.)  New Orleans Saints (6-1): Drew Brees is on fire. If he keeps this up I don’t see the Saints losing based on sheer offensive power. He is stretching the field and throwing the deep ball well again. -CM

9.) Dallas Cowboys (4-4): Dez Bryant vs. Calvin Johnson was one of the major headlines this past week. The creator of the conversation, Dez, said he could do what Megatron does exactly the same if not better. Bryant caught 11 less passes for less than 257 yards then Johnson. Slow your roll, guy. -DP

8.) Cincinnati Bengals (5-2): I picked up Marvin Jones for my fantasy team and look what happens. He absolutely broke the league open this week with 4 TD’s. Look for him to have another big week playing opposite of AJ Green. -CM

7.) Green Bay Packers (5-2): Aaron Rodgers was crisp this game against former teammate Greg Jennings and the Vikings. He threw for 285 yards, 2 TD’s, and no interceptions. He was also able to convert on 3rd down situations by getting the first down on 13 of 18 third down situations in this game. At the end of the game he exchanged what appeared to be an awkward embrace with Jennings, which frankly just looked staged for the media on Jennings part. -DP

6.) Detroit Lions (5-3): The WR duel of the century is over and Calvin Johnson won it hands down. He is the best player in the league right now and things don’t seem like they will change. He is exciting to watch and that is an understatement. -CM

5.) San Francisco 49ers (6-2): The 49ers are first in rushing yards and second to last in passing yards and it showed against the Jags. They accrued a total of 221 rushing yards compared to 177 yards passing. The question marks about whether or not the 49ers are able to keep pace with the Seahawks are a thing a pass. There right there in it with them. –DP

4.) Seattle Seahawks (7-1):  The hawks will be spoon fed the winless Buccaneers this week and with the most turnovers in the league caused by the best defense besides the chiefs. I think this one is a no brainer. The Seahawks have begun their march to the super bowl. -CM

3.) Indianapolis Colts (5-2): No sense in moving the Colts down even though they lost Reggie Wayne for the season. Andrew Luck is still a gamer and will find a way to win. Regardless, he still has some great talent on offense. They shouldn’t have a problem vanquishing that struggling team in Texas and no, I’m not talking about Dallas. -DP

2.) Denver Broncos (7-1): the only thing better than defense is Peyton Manning. He has to reel in the deep ball but as long as his receiving core stays healthy and the defense doesn’t fall apart completely I see a collision course set for them and KC very soon. Clash of the titans coming to theaters near you. -CM

1.) Kansas City Chiefs (8-0): Alex Smith managed one heck of a game. Dwayne Bowe, the guy who was supposed to be his number one receiver, has been a shell of himself all season. But, thanks to Jamaal Charles (running back) and Dexter McCluster (wide receiver), along with the other veteran players on this team they were able to get the win and continue the journey to a perfect season. –

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