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Fast Breakfast Food

The alarm clock blares and you jolt out of bed, realizing that your hand met the snooze button one too many times and your first class is only a few minutes away. For most college students, waking up in the morning is difficult enough and preparing breakfast seems to take up more time than we have.

Of course you could just skip breakfast but then you run the risk of feeling that familiar twinge of hunger gnawing at you while you struggle to focus. Then, as you daydream about eggs and bacon the professor happens to hint at something that might be on the next test and you miss it all in the name of hunger. Alas, there is hope for the anti-morning person who wants to sleep in as much as possible while still being able to grab something to eat.

These first suggestions provide the protein one needs to satisfy the stomach and fuel the mind because they use peanut butter. The options one could explore with this spreadable goodness are endless.

  • The Classic: PB (with or without J) and a banana for after. You could even get crazy and put the banana on your sandwich.
  • The Crunchy Sweetness: peanut butter on toast with your favorite granola sprinkled on top.
  • The “The Toaster is Taking Too Long but I Still Want Something Crunchy for My Peanut Butter”: rice cakes. While they are usually tossed aside as unwanted diet food, rice cakes now come with flavors ranging from apple crisp to chocolate to popcorn. There are thicker ones and then there are thin ones. Spread some peanut butter on them or skip a step and just dip them in. Either way it’s a delicious and healthy way to start the day.

For those of you that can’t eat peanut butter or simply don’t like it there are many other possibilities.

  • Grab your favorite yogurt flavor. These days many come with their own portable toppings such as granola, m&ms and even Oreos.
  • Pick up some fruit. Apples are known for their ability to energize the body more than coffee. Cheese lovers can have string cheese with their fruit of choice. Throw in some crackers and it’ll be like attending a fancy dinner party instead of your morning class.

While fixing up breakfast may seem tedious and time consuming, it is a meal all students need to have. Instead of skipping it or looking at it as a nuisance, try to come up with creative ways to get those necessary nutrients in the morning.

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