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Headucation: A New Recovery Program for Students With Concussions

Headucation is new program gaining traction at Suffolk University. The program will be housed under the Center for Learning & Academic Success (CLAS), to help students diagnosed with concussions.

Goalie for the Suffolk hockey team, Brett Roman, is spearheading this project and hopes to raise awareness about the dangers of concussions.

“It’s supposed to be the support system to help students transition back into the classroom,” Roman said.

Roman says a concussion is, “a lot different from a physical injury, because it has more of a cognitive effect on you. It hurts you mentally so your memory might be thrown off – you might have trouble paying attention, you might be super sensitive to light, sound,  a lot of things throw off your concentration, and make you focus less, or make sure you can’t retain as much as you normally would. Hence, you need to go seek help, and get this taken care of, and make sure that you’re retaining as much as you possibly can.”

Currently, the Office of Disability Services (ODS) can provide students with concussions accommodations while they recover from their injury. Students diagnosed with a concussion can receive extended time on tests and assignments and separate quiet room for testing. Some students are set up with a tutor to help make sure that they stay on track.

With concussions becoming more prevalent, Roman felt that a specialized center needed to be created.

Under Roman’s plan, after a student is referred to them from ODS, Headucation will take over in the recovery process. Along with accommodations, tutors will be available to students to make sure they do not have difficulty in class while recovering. The program will work with teachers to help inform them of what the student may be dealing with.

By also raising awareness about concussions, other students may be more sympathetic towards a student diagnosed with a concussion. If the student wanted to keep their situation private, everyone the student works with will help maintain full confidentiality.

Headucation will hold a kick-off event tomorrow (Tuesday) from 1:00-2:30 p.m. at the C. Walsh Theatre. Christopher Nowinski, a former WWE Wrestler and Co-Founder for the Sports Legacy Institute (SLI) will speak at the event tomorrow. There will be a coffee hour after to allow students to meet the panelists and find out more about Headucation and concussions. That will take place in the Munce Conference Room in Archer from 2:30-3:30 p.m.

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