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NFL Power Rankings: Week 7

NFL: Houston Texans at Kansas City ChiefsWith most teams almost half way through their schedules, things are beginning to take form around the league. Only one team remains undefeated, but five teams stand with five wins each. See how it all stacks up in this week’s edition of the power rankings.

32.) Jacksonville Jaguars (0-7): The Jaguars have yet to score a touchdown at home and they are not much better on the road. They take on the 49ers in London this week. Maybe they will have better luck in Europe than they do in America. – Collin McQuade

31.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-6): Mike Glennon had a very impressive game on Sunday. He threw for 256 yards and two touchdowns in a losing effort against a handicapped Atlanta Falcons team who was missing their two premier wide receivers Roddy White and Julion Jones. –Daveson Perez

30.) Minnesota Vikings (1-5): Josh Freeman was a good move in theory but putting a mediocre quarterback into a brand new system and expecting him to produce week one is tough. Defenses will continue to stack the box against Adrian Peterson and it will be tough. -CM

29.) St Louis Rams (3-4): The Rams have just lost Sam Bradford for the year to an ACL injury. Things are not looking to positive for the Rams. Well, not like they were to begin with. –DP

28.) New York Giants (1-6): The Giants defense looks like it did a few years ago. They are causing turnovers and getting the ball back to their offense. Peyton Hillis ran the ball well too; things could be looking up for big blue. -CM

27.) Houston Texans (2-5): Case Keenum, the third string quarterback for the Texans had a very good game against the strong defensive line of the Chiefs. He threw for 271 yards and a touchdown in his first game as a professional football player. Best of all, he didn’t throw a pick 6, which is a lot more than what can be said for Matt Shaub and T J Yates. -DP

26.) Arizona Cardinals (3-4): Carson Palmer hasn’t been the answer that the Cards thought he would be. He has more interceptions than touchdowns to his number one playmaker; he is having a hard time getting Larry Fitzgerald the ball. -CM

25.) Pittsburg Steelers (2-5): Ben Roethlisburger and the Steelers outlasted the Ravens for their second win of the season. They still have a long way to go if they want to win the division. -DP

24.) Washington Redskins (2-4): The redskins are starting to open things up with the running game but a trip into Denver makes it hard to put them any higher on our list. -CM

23.) Cleveland Browns (3-4)- Brandon Weedon will never be comfortable playing quarter back in the national football league. He is definitely one of the more inconsistent quarterbacks in this league. –DP

22.) Oakland Raiders (2-4): the Raiders are not playing terribly; it is just hard to be a good team with Denver and Kansas City in your division. KC racked up nine sacks against Pryor last week. -CM

21.) Philadelphia Eagles (3-4): The Eagles now must depend on third string quarter back Matt Barkley to carry the load for them and judging from Sunday’s game it’s not going to be easy to do so. -DP

20.) Buffalo Bills (3-4): Mario Williams is a monster on defense with double digit sacks now. But for all the good the defense is the offense has been struggling. -CM

19.) Miami Dolphins (3-3): Despite the three touchdowns, Ryan Tannehil was not helping his teams cause as contenders for the playoffs. He threw 2 interceptions too many. That will definitely not get your club wins in this league. -DP

18.) Tennessee Titans (3-4): They are getting Chris Johnson the ball through the passing game but he needs to start scoring in the red zone. He is 0 for 17 on his last attempts rushing inside the 20. -CM

17.) Atlanta Falcons (2-4): The Falcons have had a rough start to the season but it seems that as soon as they get fully healthy they’ll be able to turn things around. With Roddy White and Julio Jones out, Hugh Douglas stepped up big in this game. He had 7 recpetions for a total of 149 yards and a touchdown. -DP

16.) Carolina Panthers (3-3): this team goes as Cam Newton Goes and he is finally starting to play well. We will see how it goes this week but look for an improvement. -CM

15.) San Diego Chargers (4-3): Complete and total annihilation of the Jaguars. That’s what that game this Sunday consisted of. -DP

14.) New York Jets (4-3): The Jets defense is one of the best in the league and Geno Smith is playing very well. Not to mention they just beat the Patriots. -CM

13.) Baltimore Ravens (3-4): In the classic rivalry between Baltimore and Pitsburg Joe Flacco failed to execute against the Steelers defense. Flacco is having major troubles leading this team to victory. -DP

12.) Chicago Bears (4-3): Jay cutler is out for a few weeks so now it is up to the weak defense to step it up without their quarterback. Hopefully the running game doesn’t fall off or they will struggle. -CM

11.) Green Bay Packers (4-2): The combination of Eddie Lacy and Aaron Rogers is proving to be supremely beneficial for the entire team. Because of the play action that is set up by Lacy’s running attack, more receivers are able to get the ball. -DP

10.) Detroit Lions (4-3): When Reggie Bush plays well, the Lions win. It’s a simple equation…GET BUSH THE BALL. -CM

9.) Dallas Cowboys (4-3): The cowboys have taken sole possession of first place this week. Tony Romo had a solid performance despite the lack of defense his team has been exhibiting. -DP

8.) New Orleans Saints (5-1): the Saints need to get the ball into the hands of their playmakers Jimmy Graham has been useless and Sproles hasn’t been playing well either. They need to get their stars the ball if they want to win. -CM

7.) New England Patriots (5-2): Chris Johnson, the rookie defensive end of the Patriots, had a fantastic game up until the last 2 minutes. The referee decided the game by throwing a flag on a 56 yard field goal attempt that would have missed and given the Patriots great field position. -DP

6.) San Francisco 49ers (5-2): Finally the 49ers are running the ball again and they are winning too. It’s a simple equation, when the 49ers run they win and for the first time all season they are running more than passing.-CM

5.) Cincinnati Bengals (5-2): Andy Dalton had a solid game throwing for 357 yards and 3 touchdowns. He stuck to his main receiver AJ Green when it mattered most and that was the difference. -DP

4.) Indianapolis Colts (5-2): The Colts are coming off of a huge win against the powerhouse Broncos but a loss of Reggie Wayne has to drop them a bit this week. Its going to be tough to replace a leader like that for the season. They can either fall apart or rally around him at this point. -CM

3.) Seattle Seahawks (6-1): Marshawn Lynch is an absolute beast. This man can run the football! -DP

2.) Denver Broncos (6-1): This team is going to continue to do what it has all season. Play big offense, play big defense and win behind Peyton Manning. As long as they don’t continue to put the ball on the floor they will win. –CM

1.) Kansas City Chiefs (7-0): Alex smith managed the game perfectly like he usually does. A huge credit goes to the defensive line. They came up with a HUGE fumble recovery to seal the deal. Chiefs are the only 7-0 team in the league this season -DP

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