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The Revival of Made in America

The official Made in America label.

The official Made in America label.

With company outsourcing on the rise, it can be extremely difficult to find American-made products. Today, as little of five percent of clothing sold in the USA is actually made in the USA. This small number is surprising, but due to increasing demand, many popular brands are returning to the USA to create their products.

A lot of people wonder why buying American made products is so beneficial. As college students who are going to be getting jobs in a struggling economy, it’s always a good idea to support U.S. manufacturing. A lot of jobs can be created when they are kept in the USA, providing many new opportunities. Made in America products help keep the American dream alive.

After a bit of searching, many high-quality brands can be found that are made in America. Some examples of these brands are Alex and Ani, American Apparel, Brooks Brothers, LL Bean, New Balance, New Era and Carhartt. The list is extensive, and you don’t have to give up quality to buy made in America. You actually can usually save money on shipping costs and receive faster delivery if you buy products online.

Many other brands have begun to expand their product development into the USA. An example of this is Land’s End. When you go to their website, they have a full line of products made completely in America. The same search capabilities have extended to Lane Bryant and will hopefully continue to expand.

Some tips to find products that are made in America are using the USA Love List and looking for Made in USA Certified products. The USA Love List is a website that shows different brands and products made in the USA. The site also features customer reviews, so if a brand you’ve never tried before looks appealing you can see if it is good quality or not.

The second good option is looking for the Made in USA Certified label. The label is a check mark with a flag and says USA certified. This logo is federally approved and is very trustworthy.

Made in the USA products will hopefully continue to rise in popularity and more brands will be available over time. For now there are many good companies where high-quality, affordable products can be found.

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