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NHL Power Rankings: Week Three

SJS21.) San Jose Sharks (8-0-1, 17 points) (#2, Week Two):  

The Sharks have yet to lose in regulation. They have been absolutely dominant in their play, and not to mention five of their players are in the top ten list for scoring. –Ashley Proctor

2.) Pittsburgh Penguins (7-2-0, 14 points) (#4, Week Two):  

The Penguins have won seven of their last eight, and come in just behind a red-hot Sharks team. Sidney Crosby is doing work; he has the NHL lead in points (17), tied for the league lead in goals (7) and tied in assists (10). – Ricky Morin

3.) Colorado Avalanche (8-1-0, 16 points) (#1, Week Two):  

The Red Wings handed the Av’s their first loss of the season. However, they took away two wins this past week giving them an overall record of 7-1-0, not too shabby. -AP

4.) Anaheim Ducks (7-1-0, 14 points) (#9, Week Two):  

Watch out for these Ducks. Winners of seven straight. – RM

5.) St. Louis Blues (5-1-1, 11 points) (#3, Week Two):  

It was a bit of a rough week for the Blues. They suffered a loss thanks to the Sharks, just got away with a shootout win against the Blackhawks, and were not so lucky in a shootout against the Jets. However, fear not, this team will bounce back. -AP

6.) Boston Bruins (5-2-0, 10 points) (#5, Week Two):  

The B’s took two of three this week, and Rask—who has started every game so far—looks great (1.29 GAA). – RM

7.) Chicago Blackhawks (5-1-2, 12 points) (#7, Week Two):  

Staying put at number seven, the Hawk’s took two out of three wins this week. Fans are still looking to see their top performers well … perform. -AP 

8.) Detroit Red Wings (6-3-1, 13 points) (#10, Week Two):  

They defeated Boston, Columbus and Colorado. Phenomenal week. – RM

9.) Los Angeles Kings (6-4-0, 12 points) (#13, Week Two):  

Again we have another team who took two of their three games this week. The difference? The Kings have not really been challenged thus far. –AP

10.) Montreal Canadiens (5-3-0, 10 points) (#8, Week Two):  

Montreal is second in goal differential (plus-11) behind only Pittsburgh. And P. K. Subban ranks first among defenseman in points with 10. – RM

11.) Phoenix Coyotes (5-2-2, 12 points) (#12, Week Two):  

Their 5-2-2 record is impressive for the pure fact that they have had a packed schedule with cup contending teams. Not to mention most of those games have been on the road. –AP

12.) Vancouver Canucks (5-4-1, 11 points) (#15, Week Two):  

Luongo has looked better, but surprising play by Santorelli (6 pts) and Garrison (31 shots) has kept Vancouver in contention. – RM

13.) New York Islanders (3-3-2, 8 points) (#16, Week Two):  

I am aware that the Islanders have lost a few games here and there, but it must be taken into consideration that more than half of their games have been decided by one goal. If they had won those games, their record would tell a much different tale. –AP

14.) Ottawa Senators (3-3-2, 8 points) (#18, Week Two):  

Ottawa won two of three last week and looks prepared to go on a significant run. – RM

15.) Carolina Hurricanes (4-2-3, 11 points) (#21, Week Two):  

This week the Hurricane’s pushed themselves into a number three playoff spot in their division. The question is whether or not they will be able to stay there. -AP

16.) Minnesota Wild (3-3-3, 9 points) (#14, Week Two):  

Threes are Wild. Get it? Weird week for this team. The results don’t show how well this team has played. – RM

17.) Nashville Predators (5-3-1, 11 points) (#22, Week Two):  

A three win week allowed this team to climb back into a playoff spot as well. -AP

18.) Washington Capitals (3-5-0, 6 points) (#24, Week Two):  

The Caps one two of three games this past week; their power play comes in at first in the NHL (33.3 percent). – RM

19.) Tampa Bay Lightning (5-3-0, 10 points) (#17, Week Two):  

Tampa took two games from tough opponents (LA & MN). They also lost 5-0 against another tough team (BOS). Bishop has looked great, except in that loss… -AP

20.) Toronto Maple Leafs (6-3-0, 12 points) (#6, Week Two):  

Toronto is on a mighty cold streak, and rank dead last in the NHL in shot differential at even-strength. – RM

21.) Dallas Stars (3-5-0, 6 points) (#20, Week Two):  

The Stars lost three of their four games this week. The bright side? They are the only team who has beaten the Sharks, even if it was in a shootout. Kudos to you. –AP

22.) New Jersey Devils (1-4-3, 5 points) (#23, Week Two):  

If they start giving Schneider the nod more often, they may get on a hot streak. – RM

23.) Calgary Flames (4-2-2, 10 points) (#11, Week Two):  

Calgary lost both of their games this week. Granted it was against two of the top teams in the NHL, but this team has not looked great. –AP

24.) New York Rangers (2-5-0, 4 points) (#28, Week Two):  

New York has allowed four or more goals five separate times this season—without once doing it themselves. – RM

25.) Columbus Blue Jackets (3-5-0, 6 points) (#19, Week Two):  

The only good thing to say about this team this week is that they broke their three game losing streak on Sunday when they beat the Canucks. –AP

26.) Winnipeg Jets (4-5-0, 8 points) (#26, Week Two):  

Record isn’t that bad, but losses to Nashville and Montreal hurt them this week. A win over a good Blues team is something build from. – RM

27.) Edmonton Oilers (2-6-1, 5 points) (#25, Week Two):  

Two wins this whole season for the Oilers. One of them came Saturday against the Senators. They have the goaltending; they could possibly turn it around … maybe. – AP

28.) Florida Panthers (3-6-0) (#2, Week Two):  

The Panthers have been outshot for six consecutive games since they barely edged Philadephia on Oct. 8. – RM

29.) Philadelphia Flyers (1-7-0, 2 points) (#29, Week Two):  

The Flyers continue their losing streak this week. Goaltender Steve Mason is trying … that cannot be said for the rest of his team however. –AP

30.) Buffalo Sabres (1-8-1, 3 points) (#30, Week Two):  

Despite halfway-decent goaltending, the Sabres have but one win in ten games. – RM

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