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Winter Weather Workout Fashion

With the cold weather closing in, how can you dress to stay warm and look good when staying fit outside? Here are some tips for winter workout attire.

Bright colors are in fashion for both men and women. Wear the neon colors to be seen in low light if you do not have any reflectors on your clothing. Be noticed and be proud!

Dri-FIT shirts have fabric that wicks away the sweat while keeping you comfortably cool and dry. The fit is loose enough to allow for movement, but tight enough that the rubbing does not irritate the skin.

A hyper-warm Dri-FIT long sleeve is meant to be body-skimming and sweat-wicking to keep you warm while being comfortable. It holds in the heat and keeps the cold air out as well as having ventilation to breath.

Ladies, when selecting a bra you want a wicking fabric. A bra made of nylon is lightweight, making it comfortable and stabilizing support. A low profile seam and racer-back design lets you move more naturally. The less seams in a bra mean less rubbing against the skin which may cause irritation.

When buying shorts, get a pair with built-in lining underwear. It provides support and range of motion with sweat-wicking fabric that keeps you dry. These shorts also provide coverage when stretching and give you free range of motion.

Leggings or shorts that are meant to be tight-fitted are compression designed to keep the ventilation of the body cool but overall warm, however they should not be too tight to cause a cut off in blood circulation.

Sweat-wicking fabric will keep you dry and comfortable. It provides a greater range of motion while being supportive at the same time. Also, the material offers an alternative to the built in underwear shorts. This clothing provides coverage and additional layers of warmth as well.

Another great investment would be clothing that has reflectors on the material for night workouts.

Don’t like the tight compression of the leggings or shorts? Pants are a loose alternative. Find pants that are lightweight and have water-resistant fabric. Reflectors on the sides of the pant leg are beneficial in low light as well.

For additional warmth there are vests and jackets that can be a good investment. Search for a lightweight insulator to keep even warmer. In order to not overheat, ventilation is necessary to allow the moisture to escape.

Not many people think about their socks when they workout, but your feet are just as important. Socks that are made of Dri-FIT material will keep them from unwanted blistering. Having insulated cushioning in the heel and palm of the foot provides more comfort and not having loose socks is also important as to not obtain blisters.

Lastly, hats and gloves that are moisture-wicking keep sweat from seeping into the fabric which make them uncomfortable. There are headband type hats and caps that have ventilation.

Wear your winter workout apparel with confidence and comfort. Why make the decision to go out in the cold weather harder when you can have the appropriate wear to make it all better?

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