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Album review: Bangerz

Probably one of the most controversial singers in the entertainment industry right now, the one and only Miley Cyrus has just released her comeback album called Bangerz and oh what a crazy comeback it was. After cutting her hair, releasing two interesting music videos for her singles We Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball, and her provocative VMA performance, no one knew what to expect from this album. But Bangerz has definitely proven that, unlike her Hannah Montana good-girl image, Miley’s talent has not disappeared.

Adore You

The album starts off with a nice slow ballad called Adore You, which will immediately turn you on to the album. A lot of people have said it’s best song on the album. You can hear the passion in Miley’s voice and how much she truly loves this boy she is singing about. (most likely about her former fiancée Liam Hemsworth?)

We Can’t Stopmiley-cyrus-bangerz-album-art

Miley’s very first single for Bangerz was none other than We Can’t Stop. As soon as it came out, everyone loved it. It’s a very catchy song that just makes you want to go out and have fun. (the music video on the other hand takes the “fun” to a whole ‘nother level)

SMS (Bangerz) feat. Britney Spears

If you have been a Miley Cyrus fan for a long time, you’ll know Miley has always looked up to the legendary Miss Britney Spears. Britney is considered a “queen” to so many people so it was really cool to see that her and Miley collaborated on a song for Bangerz. SMS is only two and a half minutes long with a lot of shouts from Miley in the background repeatedly saying “bangerz” and “strutting my stuff” hence SMS. It’s not the greatest song but it’s catchy and the fact that Britney is on it makes it better.

4×4 feat. Nelly

You’ll be shocked to hear that Miley did not totally turn away from her roots, having a little bit of a country song on her new record. 4×4 features Nelly and his verse sounds great with this song, surprisingly. Another very catchy song but the lyrics are not the best.

My Darlin’ feat. Future

This song would be SO much better without Future and with a completely different chorus. They just keep repeating “we gon’ make a movie / And it’s gon’ be in 3D.” This song could have been great with just Miley’s amazing voice and better lyrics.

Wrecking Ball

Miley’s second single off Bangerz, Wrecking Ball is hands-down the best song on the album. You can feel the emotion in her incredible voice, to the point where it gives you chills. The video is a different story but it’s definitely one of Miley’s best songs ever, ultimately becoming her first #1 single of her career.

Love Money Party feat. Big Sean

Miley has a very unique voice where it can be put any type of song, and it’ll still sound good. That’s why she goes from country to pop to hip-hop on this album because she knows her potential. Love Money Party is straight hip-hop and a good song to jam to with Big Sean’s verse being the cherry on top.


When you first hear this song, you might be reminded of a previously really popular summer song called Blurred Lines… Maybe because they were both produced by Pharrell Williams. But despite that, it’s still a great sexy song and it will immediately put you in a good mood.


Drive is an all-around great song. The theme of “drive” and anger stays the same throughout the song with Miley’s loud voice and the intense beat. “Drive my heart into the night / You can drop the keys off in the mornin’” is a cool metaphor and one of the best lyrics.

FU feat. French Montana

Miley’s voice is so raw in this song. Unlike Adore You and Wrecking Ball, FU is about getting rid of a guy who did you wrong and knowing you deserve better.

Do My Thang

And then the album continues with this “knowing you deserve better” mentality with Do My Thang.Miley’s just like “Imma do my thang”, worry about myself, and not care about anyone else. Do My Thang gives you a sense of independence and makes you want to get up and dance.

Maybe You’re Right

Another amazing song, Maybe You’re Right shows Miley truly letting go of a certain someone. It’s an emotional and hopeful song at the same time.


Someone Else

Someone Else is definitely the whole story about what happened between Miley and Liam. It’s a little depressing because it’s basically saying Miley is a different person now after ending her relationship. But it concluded Bangerz very nicely.

People need to remember, artists have the right to express who they are through their music the way they want to. You don’t have to like Miley but if you can’t see that she has raw talent, you don’t know what talent is. It was reassuring to see Miley didn’t really change her style of music on Bangerz. She experimented a little bit and it worked. Hopefully there will be better lyrics in the future but all in all, Bangerzis a great listen.

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