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NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

NFL: Denver Broncos at Dallas CowboysWeek 5 is now long gone and Week 6 is on the horizon. Collin & Daveson release the newest installment of the Voice NFL Power Rankings. How far will the Pats drop after losing their first game of the year? Meanwhile, the Mannings seem to have both ends of the Rankings covered.

1.) Denver Broncos (5-0): The Broncos proved last week that not only are they the most dominant team since the Randy Moss Patriots but also that they can win a late nail-bitter. This team has already punched their ticket to the playoffs possibly even the super bowl. -Collin McQuade

2.) New Orleans Saints (5-0): Drew Brees did what he does best against the Bears: play winning football. He didn’t throw for as many yards as we’re accustomed to seeing but he made the necessary plays with his newly reinvigorated co-captain Jimmy Graham to get the saints downfield and into scoring position against a very good secondary. –Daveson Perez

3.) Kansas Chiefs (5-0): The Chiefs defense is unstoppable right now. They are a turnover machine and they don’t plan on slowing any time soon with a relatively easy schedule coming up. –CM

4.) Indianapolis Colts (4-1): There was a lot of talk by the Seattle Seahawks about how Andrew Luck is destined to be one of the best quarterbacks in this league. It was that idolizations by the players on the ‘Hawks’ that allowed Andrew Luck to just waltz right through their defense on that go ahead, game winning drive. So, keep playing well Andrew and strong teams like the Seahawks will bow at your feet and allow you to win games because of their admiration for you. –DP

5.) Seattle Seahawks (4-1): Make no mistake about it the Seahawks may have lost but they lost to a very good football team and are still a force to be reckoned with. They have gained supremacy in the west and don’t plan to give it up under any circumstances. –CM

6.) New England  Patriots (4-1): Despite the Patriots loss in less than suitable conditions, what they have done this far is still remarkable. This past game is going to serve as a learning experience to a team that with any luck will get Gronk back and stand a chance against the streaking Saints next week. –DP

7.) Cincinnati Bengals (3-2): AJ Green can’t be covered and the defense is playing well. The two headed backfield is running well and they just beat the Patriots. This team is moving up in the world. –CM

8.) San Francisco 49ers (3-2): While the offense looked pretty good the reason why this past matchup between the Texans and the 49ers wasn’t more competitive was because of the pathetic play of Matt “interception” Shaub. That being said, it was a good team win for San Fran who are trying to compete with Seattle for the top spot in their division. –DP

9.) Chicago Bears (3-2): The Bears need to get their pass attempts up and get Brandon Marshall the ball. When Brandon Marshall doesn’t get targeted the Bears don’t win. Simple as that. –CM

10.) Green Bay Packers (2-2): The fact that Eddie lacy was back in this game was a huge factor. The power with which he runs combined with his speed is such a tremendous threat that it kept the Lions defense off balance and unsure of where Rodgers was going to place the football next. –DP

11.) Baltimore Ravens (3-2): The focal point of this offense is Ray Rice and he isn’t getting the touches he deserves. Once they get the ball back into his hands they will start to win more. –CM

12.) Detroit Lions (3-2): Matthew Stafford was severely hurt by the fact that Calvin “Megatron” Johnson was unable to play in their game against the packers. Without that deep threat it made it way easier for the packers defense to focus on Reggie Bush and the run game. –DP

13.) Miami Dolphins (3-2): Terrell Suggs sacked Tanehill three times last week. They need to keep him upright if they want to win. -CM

14.) Dallas Cowboys (2-3): ahhhh Tony “Oh-No” you’ve managed to screw things up again. Romo always just seems to find a way to screw things up when a critical win is in sight. “Oh-No” just can’t seem to get that mojo flowing when his team needs him. –DP

15.) Tennessee Titans (3-2): Fitzpatrick was 0-8 on long passes. Maybe the pass game isn’t working…don’t the Titans have a running back? Maybe they should use him. -CM

16.) Cleveland Browns (3-2): the Browns have been winning games despite trading Trent, which is a good sign. It’s really anybody’s division in the AFC north just like it is in the NFC east. -DP

17.) Houston Texans (2-3): Matt Schaub has thrown more touchdowns to other teams than to his own receivers. He is the Achilles heel right now. -CM

18.) San Diego Chargers (2-3): the Chargers could not get it done upon the return of Terrelle Pryor for Oakland. This was a game they needed to win if competing in their division is truly something they want to do.-DP

19.) Arizona Cardinals (3-2): The Cardinals can do one thing right and that is rush the quarterback. They brought Newton down six times and the pressure is going to continue. -CM

20.) Philadelphia Eagles (2-3): Nick Foles stepped up big this week with the injury of Michael Vick in the game against the Giants. Two touchdowns in the final quarter of the game is impressive for someone who’s been riding the bench all season, even if it is against a struggling Giants team. –DP

21.) Atlanta Falcons (1-4): The loss of Julio Jones is huge. It’s tough to win shoot outs when you let people throw deep on you and can’t take the top off the defense with your own star. -CM

22.) New York Jets (3-2): In last week’s power rankings I wrote about how Geno Smith has tremendous potential as a quarterback in this league, and he proved me right this week. The poise that Geno has had this year in late game situation was shown once again this week in the Jets comeback win against the Falcons. I’ll say it again. Give him one more year and the Jets are playoff contenders once again. –DP

23) Buffalo Bills (2-3): The Bills are starting their second rookie quarterback of the season. Let’s see if this one works better. -CM

24.) Oakland Raiders (2-3): Terrelle Pryor had a whale of a game this week against the Chargers. Despite their losing record, Oakland’s general manager has got to be happy with the future of the franchise. –DP

25.) St. Louis Rams (2-3): The Rams are coming up to the hardest part of their schedule and it may be a tough road. They are playing well now but I’m not convinced they will make it out of this .500. -CM

26.) Washington Redskins (1-3): The Redskins had a bye this week and still managed to make news. There is now an ongoing controversy as to whether or not their team name is insensitive towards Native American people. –DP

27.) Minnesota Vikings (1-3): The running game will continue to do what it does and Matt Cassell will jumpstart Greg Jennings into more production. He had his first two TDs of the year with Cassell playing. -CM

28.) Carolina Panthers (1-3): Cam Newton was kept on lock by Arizona’s aptly qualified defense. They kept constant pressure and made it uncomfortable for Newton to make plays. –DP

29.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-4): With Freeman gone it is Mike Glennon’s team, well see what happens but I’m not sure if it will be positive. -CM

30.) Pittsburgh Steelers (0-4): the Steelers are also coming off a bye this week. Until Big Ben proves he still has something left in the tank, they’re going to remain at the bottom of these power rankings. –DP

EManningStruggle31.) New York Giants (0-5): Eli Manning is having the worst year of his career; and with Peyton having his best, Archie manning is looking for someone to adopt Eli so he doesn’t stain the family name. –CM

32.) Jacksonville Jaguars (0-5): The Jaguars had a very winnable game against the Rams and they blew it. Too add to their misfortunes they lost Blaine Gabbert their starting quarterback to an injury -DP

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