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Joe Cesaro: A Jack (Wills) of All Trades

Joe1When you meet Joe Cesaro on campus, as seemingly at least half of Suffolk has, he has a way of making you feel like the only person in the room. His finesse is palpable and his sense of style radiates from his outfit’s every meticulous detail. Whether you refer to him as Joe, Joey C. or just Joey it seems that his presence in Suffolk’s diverse social circles is ubiquitous.

Everyone seems to know Joe or know someone who knows Joe, and to an outsider it can appear that Joe is majoring, not in Global Business and Marketing, but in being a grade-A social butterfly, effortlessly networking his way to the top.

It is when you get to know Joe that you realize his effortless charm and diligent work ethic are characteristics he not only utilizes here on campus but that he has honed to serve him in his work, as a “Seasonnaire”, a brand ambassador to the university, at Jack Wills.

I first met Joe in our Macroeconomics class. A lifelong shopaholic myself, we instantly connected over our passion, more specifically, for men’s clothing.

Joe3Joe first began at Jack Wills about a year ago. After searching for part-time work and being drawn in by the “super chill” and “laid back” environment the store provided he saw it was the perfect working companion to his demanding academic schedule.

Jack Wills, essentially an English heritage goods brand, sells clothing marketed towards a collegiate audience and came overseas from Salcombe, England to the States in 2011. Since then Jack Wills has opened 15 locations on the east coast including the 179 Newbury St. location here in Boston, which was one of the first three locations country-wide.

When I sat down with Joe to talk to him about his time at Jack Wills and his rise to his current position as “Seasonnaire” for Jack Wills here at Suffolk, he was abundant in information on all Jack Wills has to offer its employees.

As a company Jack Wills boasts a selection of persuasive offerings for college students, both as shoppers and as employees. As college students shopping at Jack Wills, we receive a 15% student discount when we present a valid college I.D. on our purchases. But it is for anyone interested in working at Jack Wills that the real opportunities present themselves.

Along with the always present option of being a salesperson in any retail location, Jack Wills offers a series of programs tailor-made for college students whether they are eager to learn more about the business, seek travel and adventure, look to improve on their networking skills, or all of the above.

Joe4Every spring Jack Wills launches their “Best Job in America” program which handpicks a select number of candidates from submitted applications; five from the US, five from England and plucks them out of their hometown to enjoy a summer working at one of the Jack Wills seasonal locations, such as Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard, housing included.

When we spoke, Joe remarked on having the opportunity to work with some of these candidates at the store in Newport, Joe’s hometown. Another program offered through Jack Wills is the Seasonnaire program, under which select employees are chosen to take on the role of a brand ambassador for the company.

After having the chance to work with some Seasonnaires, Joe was asked to join them. His responsibilities include working with the U.S. marketing team as a representative for the company on his university’s campus and engaging fellow students in Jack Wills’ events.

Nationwide there are 22 Seasonnaires and Joe joins a team of three others from the Boston area who represent Boston College, Boston University and Harvard. Together they work to promote the “Jack Wills” lifestyle, one that Joe depicted as a laid back environment combined with a work-hard play-hard mentality along with the benefit of first class networking.

Events include after-parties hosted at the store following university centric events. For instance, the upcoming Harvard/Yale football game will have such an occasion. Upcoming events to look for are the “Head of The Charles” after-party and their annual Christmas party. Joe will be promoting both on campus.

Joe5My conversation with Joe wasn’t all business though. We also covered the must haves for fall fashion, illustrating even more reasons why a visit to Jack Wills could be the perfect investment of your time on one of these brisk fall New England days.

The fall campaign is centered around a message of determination: “Jack I will…”
encouraging shoppers and members of the team to make pledges of aspirational intent.

Joe highlighted some of the key pieces for any modern gentleman looking to amend his wardrobe with some basic essentials, easy to mix and match for copious new and impressive looks.

The Albany Shirt, a Jack Wills take on your classic chambray button-down is a must have, says Cesaro. He recommends pairing it with a white tee-shirt, jeans and a good pair of brogues for an effortlessly put-together look. He also highlighted Jack Wills suiting collections, noting its comparatively underrated status considering the quality and versatility their suiting offers.

Whether you decide to rock the whole suit or throw on the blazer with jeans for a look that translates from a day of classes or work to a night of escapades out in the city, a suit is a sound investment for every guy.

If you have an interest in participating in any of the programs offered through Jack Wills or simply working in one of the stores, Joe encourages prospective applicants to stop by the shop for a chat; he’s usually in-store Saturdays and Sundays. He also encourages hopeful applicants to email the store as they are currently hiring.

Joe7Joe hopes to continue working in the company and describes it as one with bottom up mobility that hires and promotes from within with superb opportunities to help build a resume. He wants to some day work overseas in England in a more prominent position with the company, saying that with the connections he has made thus far at Jack Wills he could book a plane ticket to England and have a place to stay; a testament to what he calls the “first class networking” fostered by the company.

As we wrapped up our meeting, Joe and I swapped stories from our jobs; I work in retail myself, and while there were naturally mutual complaints about the arduous hours and tiring days on our feet, we could not help but note a shared appreciation for the retail business. As college students we agreed that it offered us friendly environments which under the right circumstances and with the right determination could be brimming with opportunity and promise.

Joe’s time at Jack Wills speaks to all the company has to offer and Joe himself is living proof of the value of his experiences. He is a diligent worker, always affable and down to earth, and never staunch; in essence the idyllic personification of the Jack Wills brand.

Joe encourages everyone to follow both Jack Wills and himself on the following social media outlets…
@cesaro_401 9
(Twitter and Instagram)

For job inquiries email the store at…


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