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Connecticut Mother Killed After Attempting to Ram White House

The United States government has been in shutdown for over 10 days while members of Congress decide this year’s fiscal budget. However, the Capitol was not only shutdown, but on lockdown just last Thursday, October 3rd. The reason? A driver attempted to ram through the gates of the White House in her black Infinity sedan.

Miriam Carey, a 34 year old dental hygienist from Connecticut, attempted to ram her car into the gates leading to the White House around 2:00 PM Thursday. Authorities responded almost immediately, pursuing Carey in a high-speed chase around the Capitol area. Carey was eventually forced towards the Capitol Building, where Secret Service agents opened fire on her vehicle, eventually killing the woman. A cursory search of the suspect’s car revealed no weapons but did reveal a one-year-old child buckled into her car seat in the back of the car. The child was unhurt, and was in fact Carey’s young daughter.

ABC News reported that at one point, “a group of at least five cops surrounded the woman’s car with their guns drawn,” ordering the suspect to stand down. She apparently ignored their orders and sped away from the scene, nearly running over a few police officers and injuring one Secret Service agent. The officers were authorized to fire at the vehicle once the driver had directly disobeyed their orders.

Though no shots were fired at the White House or near any nearby neighborhoods, the White House was put on lockdown and neighboring apartment buildings were evacuated for the evening in order to ensure everyone’s safety.

A statement from Carey’s family revealed that the suspect suffered from a history of mental health issues and, according to Carey’s mother, post partum depression.

After two hours, the lockdown of the White House was lifted and normal activities resumed. In a recent statement from Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine, he said there has been no evidence found that would indicate this incident as an act of terrorism.


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