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Single or Couple?

There are many different views relationships in college. Some people are strongly against them, where as others encourage a healthy relationship. Many students asked at Suffolk University are at a median with their beliefs.

Being in a relationship takes time and commitment to friends, family, partner and school. Without the proper time management, different obligations will suffer with the added stress and complexity. Hopefully, one has friend, family and a partner that all understand the juggling of these different relationships and supports your decisions in time management.

Students from Suffolk University gave their opinions on the matter. Many are not involved in a relationship, but others are involved in a close relationship on campus or a long distance relationship across neighboring states, or even further. Here are some of their thoughts:

Samuel Hurwitz, 18: “I think that it is cool if they are manageable, depending on where your partner is and how close they are to you. If they are too far away then it’s probably not going to work at this age where we cannot afford to travel.”

Dion Tribbett 18: “I think it is fine if you genuinely love each other. You can have a hook-up partner in college. Freshman and sophomore year you should be free. Junior and senior year you should be more open to a relationship.”

Chris Williams, 18: “I try.”

Marianna Silva, 18: “I think that they are how you make it. If you find someone and you like them, and you make time for it, it’s good, and if you can you are still going to college.”

Brianna Silva, 18: “Don’t try to start a relationship three weeks before you come to college, cause you know it is a struggle. But I also think that if you are single in college you need a sex buddy.”

Courtney Greenwood, 18: “I don’t think that you should go and look for a relationship, I think you just got to let it happen.”

Katerina Frangides, 18: “Overall, I think that it is a really bad idea, because you should be open to experiences and not tied down.”

Bridget Carreiro, 18: “I’m in a relationship and I don’t feel like I am tied down. I make time for school, I make time for him and I make time for friends.”

Yaxin Huang, 18: “I believe long distance is good. I have someone to talk to and be there for me. To understand and listen.”

Tom Melendez, 19: “I believe in relationships in college. There is a different type of difficulty level in college compared to when you were in high school. Temptation is one of difficult things. But don’t give up on relationships in college; just be aware of difficulties in relationship situations.”

Megan Duchesne, 18: “I feel that, if you are able to handle and go through the kinks of a long distance relationship, then things will work out. Every relationship depends on the two people in it. If the two people in the relationship are faithful, then the relationship will most likely work out.”

Dominic Masse, 18: “I don’t believe you should have a relationship in college unless you’ve experienced all you can. To dedicate all your time to one person, distracts you from all the things college has to offer. Unless this person is worth it, I wouldn’t start a relationship in college.”

The students at Suffolk University have a range in their opinions on the matter of relationships in college. A common theme that arose in their opinions was that if one were going to be in a relationship in college, one had to make time for other activities as well. College has too much to offer to spend every living moment with your significant other. If they are the right person for you, they will understand and it will all work out in the end.

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