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Rush Film Review

RUSHRush is a racing drama directed by Ron Howard and written by Peter Morgan. The pair previously worked together on Frost/Nixon and will reunite again next year on Heart of the Sea. The film features Chris Hemsworth, Daniel Brühl , Olivia Wilde, and Alexandra Maria Lara.

Based on the true story, Rush is about the famous and tragic rivalry between Formula One racers James Hunt (Hemsworth) and Nikki Lauda (Brühl) during the 1970’s. The two drivers could not be more different from each other. Hunt is a charismatic and arrogant playboy who will take any risk to win, while Lauda is more safety-oriented driver who takes statistics into consideration.

The film opens up with a fast-forward to the infamous German Grand Prix race. Here the dynamic of their competition is shown. It then shifts back to when the two first meet when they were Formula Three drivers. Off the track they both meet women who affect their lives in different ways. Hunt meets model Suzy Miller (Wilde) and Lauda meets socialite Marlene (Lara).

Hunt and Lauda’s rivalry continues to escalate as they move on to the 1976 Formula One season that takes place at multiple tracks all across the world. They continue to try to prove who is a better driver, constantly replacing each other for the top spot among the scoreboards.

Both Hemsworth and Brühl provide excellent performances and easily carry the movie, however it is Brühl who becomes a scene-stealer. The fact that Lauda does not have the ability to have fun provides a great deadpan comedy, all of which are played pitch perfectly by Brühl.

The film truly does a good job of making the viewer care about both Hunt and Lauda. The audience can root for either to win. This is helped immensely by the fact that Hemsworth and Brühl have excellent chemistry on screen.

The score, by masterful composer Hans Zimmer, whose past work includes everything from Inception to The Lion King, is another highlight of the film. The main theme gives a lot of weight to all the emotional scenes. The races have a very dramatic and pulsing score that adds to the tension. Ron Howard gives the film a very saturated appearance, which matches up with the actual footage of the 70’s races that is spliced within. Rush was also shot with 35mm film. It gives the movie a grainy look that also melds with the stock footage.

It is fitting that a film centered on racing has such a great pace. Every scene is engaging and interesting, which makes it great for people who are not big into these types of movies. There seems to be something for everyone here: tense racing scenes, interesting and complex characters, and a few Chris Hemsworth scenes which many girls are sure to enjoy.

Recommended if:

  • Know or are interested in the true story of the famous rivalry
  • Enjoy Formula One racing (even if you do not, you probably will enjoy it)
  • Want a thrilling movie with great pacing
  • Looking for two great performances (Hemsworth and Brühl)

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