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Dining Out on a Diet

This plate is full of healthy options when dining out.

This plate is full of healthy options when dining out.

Are you one of those dieters who think they can’t eat healthy when they go out to eat? Many share the same concern. Luckily, there are a few tricks that will help you eat healthy while still fulfilling that craving.

Many major restaurant trains are starting to have a portion of the menu that says “500 calories or less” or whatever the approximate amount of calories is in a meal. This is low for a full meal, and by ordering off this menu you will not feel overstuffed.

When craving a burger or any type of chicken, ask for it grilled or substitute in a turkey burger. Ordering grilled chicken instead of fried makes you feel less bloated after the meal, and turkey burgers will have the same results while also taking care of your craving.

If you are one of those people who stares at the menu trying to figure out what you want, just order a salad. A salad will leave you feeling satisfied but not too full. Also, most salads are a healthy choice. If you decide to get a salad, ask for the light version of the dressing so you reduce your calorie intake a little more.

A waiter may ask if you would like fries or fruit. Bite your tongue from saying fries and just say fruit. It will make you feel better that you chose the healthy option, along with making your body feel better too.

Sometimes you absolutely need to have dessert. McDonalds has reduced fat ice cream in a cone or cup to help with the healthy sweet tooth. Another great low-calorie dessert to please your craving would be the Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches which are sold at most grocery stores.

Eating out doesn’t need to have a negative reputation. There are plenty of places that serve healthy food or can substitute items to meet both your taste and dieting needs.

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