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NFL Power Rankings: Week 4

1379993868000-USP-NFL-Oakland-Raiders-at-Denver-Broncos-004After four weeks of regular season play, there are plenty of surprises around the league as things begin to take shape. Five teams stand at 4-0 and there are a couple surprises at 0-4. See how Daveson and Collin ranked your team this week!

32.) Jacksonville Jaguars (0-4): Once again the Jags have failed to get a win. No surprise –Daveson Perez

31.) Pittsburgh Steelers (0-4): The Steelers used to pride themselves on defense and being a fundamental team. They allowed 96 yards after contact which is the opposite of fundamentals and defense. They are in trouble. – Collin McQuade

30.) New York Giants (0-4): What a shame! They started out playing well, but the Giants just ran out of gas after the first quarter. –DP

29.) Oakland Raiders (1-3): If the Raiders could keep their quarterbacks upright they would have a much better chance of winning this week. They can’t and seven sacks last week is tough to come back from.-CM

28.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-4): The Bucs started young QB Mike Glennon and he almost came out with a win. Good for him –DP

27.) Philadelphia Eagles (1-3): Michael Vick’s completion percentage has gone down these past few weeks and in Chip Kelly’s offense completions are king. -CM

26.) Washington Redskins (1-3): RG3 finally get a win. Too bad it was one they had to grind out against the Raiders. Still not impressed. –DP

25.) St. Louis Rams (1-3): The Rams will win this week they are playing the Jaguars that’s the point. Don’t fall for the trap game. -CM

24.) Minnesota Vikings (1-3): The Vikings have finally gotten their first win and it was with former Patriot Matt Cassel under center.  –DP

23.) Buffalo Bills (2-2): The Bills have one of the best rushing attacks in the league but they also fumble more than anyone. If they hold onto the rock things could look up for them. -CM

22.) New York Jets (2-2): Pitiful performance by the Jets this week. Geno Smith turned the ball over entirely too much. –DP

21.) Arizona Cardinals (2-2): The Cardinals need to get the ball into Larry Fitzgerald’s hands which they have yet to do. This is their superstar and he isn’t being utilized. -CM

20.) Carolina Panthers (1-2): The Panthers are coming off a bye this week. Despite their weak start to the year, the Cardinals are still a great team. Cam Newton has his work cut out for him against that aggressive Cardinals defense. –DP

19.) Baltimore Ravens (2-2): Joe Flacco had as many interceptions as Ray Rice had rushes. They need to establish an equal running game to be successful. However the defense stepped up this week.-CM

18.) Dallas Cowboys (2-2): The Cowboys didn’t play that bad this week, but you have to be the chargers. With the NFC east how it’s been lately, they had to win that game against the chargers. The east is totally up for grabs by any team at this point. -DP

17.) San Diego Chargers (2-2): The Chargers connected with four different wide receivers and had a huge competition percentage. This is a must if this team wants to keep winning. –CM

16.) Cleveland Browns (2-2): The Browns defied reality this past week. They beat the Bengals who have been inconsistent this season. –DP

15.) Tennessee Titans (3-1) : The Titans continue to find ways to win at all costs although last week was against the Jets. -CM

14.) Houston Texans (2-2): Matt Shaub played very well through the first three quarters, but he couldn’t finish. He gave up that interception to Sherman and the rest was history. -DP

13.) Indianapolis Colts (3-1): They host Seattle which should be a strong matchup. They must score against Seattle’s defense and Andrew Luck and company could be the ones to do it. –CM

12.) Miami Dolphins (3-1): The Dolphins were just out of luck against the Saints. Drew Brees just made it look easy against them. I still have faith in what Ryan Tannehil has to offer. They’ll bounce back -DP

11.) Atlanta Falcons (1-3): The Falcons couldn’t capitalize in the red zone. They must put the ball in the end zone and score some points. -CM

10.) Cincinnati Bengals (2-2):  Yes, the Bengals did lose to the Browns this week but I wouldn’t worry too much about that. This team is still the favorite to win the division, especially with how Joe Flacco has been playing over there in Baltimore. -DP

9.) Chicago Bears (3-1): Chicago couldn’t convert 1st downs last week this week they must do better if they hope to move up into the league’s elite. -CM

8.) Detroit Lions (3-1): The lions are out to prove that they are just as tough as the Bears in their conference. Reggie Bush is having a very good season with some impressive runs. Matthew Stafford is also turning heads like he did 3 years back. -DP

7.) Green Bay Packers (1-2): Green Bay is fired up to host the division leaders in the Lions. They must avoid going 1 and 3. -CM

6.) San Francisco 49ers (2-2): Colin Kaepernick got the win this week, but it was against a team that isn’t nearly in the same category. It’s going to be interesting to see how they fair against a team that is of playoff caliber. -DP

5.) New England Patriots (4-0): Tom Brady looked like Tom Brady and his rookie receivers are learning how to play in the NFL. Losing Wilfork, however, hurts. -CM

4.) Kansas City Chiefs (4-0): Alex Smith is out to prove why he believes the 49ers should have kept him. He’s doing a great job. Chiefs fans are loving every second of this. -DP

3.) New Orleans Saints (4-0): Jimmy Graham is one of the biggest downfield threats in the league and the run/pass game is picking up. -CM

2.) Seattle Seahawks (4-0):  The Seahawks remain number two this week and it is not because of Russel Wilson. Richard Sherman and the Seattle defense is what is keeping them in the two spot. -DP

1.) Denver Broncos (4-0): Peyton Manning can’t be stopped right now. He is the best in the business. -CM

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