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Fashion Expression

Style is one of the best ways to showcase an individual’s personality. Having style is not only knowing how to match clothes and being aware of the latest trends, but also expressing one’s personality through one’s apparel. Many students at Suffolk University know how to convey their uniqueness and fashion-sense through their outfits. A few of them also have some advice on how to dress to impress.


Name: Kelsey Adkins
Major: Communications Major
Year: Class of 2016
“You can never be too dressed up. If you want to wear a skirt and heels just to go to the grocery store then go for it.”


Name: Ashley Danielle
Major: Interior Design
Year: Class of 2016
“Sometimes wearing a bold lip color can help brighten up your look.”


Name: Nicole Sharpley
Major: Sociology
Year: Class of 2016
“Most anything will look good if you own it, confidence is the best accessory.”


Name: Alysha Noel
Major: Biology
Year: Class of 2016
“Name brands are not necessary. Sometimes the cutest things come from the least expensive stores.”

Being fashionable is a matter of expression. There is no right or wrong, just creativity and confidence. One shouldn’t be afraid to express oneself through clothing; after all, it is all about the beauty of individuality.

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