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Most Anticipated Fall Films

The summer movies are known for being huge action blockbusters that entertain moviegoers throughout the season. Now, it is time for the fall to release its crop of big movies. Movies around early September are not very good, but luckily for any moviegoer, it all picks up starting in late-September. Many of the films coming out around this time of the year could potentially receive an Oscar nomination. These movies are some of the most anticipated by fans.

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Don Jon

Release Date: September 27th

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been making a name for himself in Hollywood despite his background in the cult favorite comedic series 3rd Rock From the Sun. Now, he is trying to make a name for himself as a writer/director. Don Jon has Gordon-Levitt starring as well, as a perpetually single man who can “score” with any woman he meets. He later gets a girlfriend, Scarlett Johansson, but his addiction to sex causes problems. At first it sounds like a sort of goofy sex comedy, but the addiction part of the story could show how much it can really affect a relationship.


Release Date: September 27th

Directed by the critically acclaimed Ron Howard, Rush is based on a true story of the rivalry between 1970s Indy racers, James Hunt and Niki Lauda. Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl play Hunt and Lauda respectively. From the previews, the film is sure to be full of tense and exciting races. The relationship between Hunt and Lauda will be entertaining throughout. This could be Hemsworth’s big break as a dramatic actor; he is getting a lot of praise for his performance as James Hunt.

Metallica: Through the Never

Release Date: September 27th

A sort-of concert movie, Metallica: Through the Never, has the world famous thrash metal band playing a concert in Los Angeles. While that sounds like every concert movie ever, there is an actual story to it. Chronicle’s Dane DeHaan plays Trip, a roadie who is caught in the middle of a riot with various anarchists. All this is going on while the band is playing their hit songs like “Enter Sandman” and “Master of Puppets”. It looks like the music is all recorded live, making this a unique music movie for any Metallica fan.


October Releases


Release Date: October 4th

Alfonso Cuaron’s films are knowgeorge-clooney-gravityn for having fantastic visuals, and his newest film Gravity seems to go along with that theme. Gravity stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock who play astronauts. The two are repairing a satellite when tragedy strikes and causes them to be potentially stuck in space. While it has a simple premise, the huge scope of what Cuaron films usually are, and having two respectable actors holding the film together, could make this one of the biggest surprises this fall.


Captain Philips

Release Date: October 11th

Tom Hanks’, plays a real life figure in the film Captain Philips. Richard Philips is a captain whose ship and cargo where terrifyingly taken hostage by Somali pirates. Bourne director Paul Greengrass directed the film. Bourne fans, and any moviegoer, can expect a tense action thriller with a focus on realism when compared to other movies of the genre.

Machete Kills

Release Date: October 11th

Robert Rodriguez’s love letter to the exploitation film genre continues in the sequel of 2010‘s Machete. The story of this movie is just as ridiculous as any Rodriguez flick. Danny Trejo returns as the title character where he is asked by the President, played by Charlie Sheen, to assassinate a drug lord, played by Mel Gibson. It looks like nothing but crazy over the top fun with high-speed energy.


Release Date: October 18th

A remake of the 1976 Stephen King adaptation, Carrie stars Chole Grace Moretz as the title character and Julianne Moore as her overtly religious mother. Carrie is about a teenage girl who discovers that she has telekinetic powers. She gets revenge on what people at school have done to her. This version is said to go into more detail with Carrie’s childhood, giving fans of the book and fans of the original movie something new to look forward to this Halloween season.

The Fifth Estate

Release Date: October 18th

In this day and age, WikiLeaks has become one of the most infamous websites of all time. The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch as WikiLeaks founder Julian Asange, and Daniel Bruhl as his partner, Daniel Domscheit-Berg. The film focuses on the impact that the site made in its early years, and how it truly upset the government.  The Fifth Estate looks like it could be another pleasant surprise.

The Counselor

Release Date: October 25th

The Counselor was director by Ridley Scott and written by No Country For Old Men’s writer Cormac McCarthy. This upcoming drama-comedy stars Michael Fassbender, a lawyer who gets involved in the twisted world of drug trafficking. The film has a big focus on weird characters, such as Westray, who is played by Brad Pitt, a seedy middleman in the drug business, and Reiner, played by Javier Bardem, who is a parody of the film producer Brian Grazer. The Counselor looks like an entertaining pseudo-Tarantino film.


November Releases

Ender’s Game

Release Date: November 1st

Ender’s Game has been in development for over ten plus years. Longtime fans of Orson Scott Card’s popular science fiction novel will finally be relieved when the movie is released. It tells the story of a young man who is a prodigy at commanding huge armies. The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ Asa Butterfield stars as the title character. Andrew “Ender” Wiggen, with Harrison Ford, Sir Ben Kingsley, Abigail Breslin and Hailee Steinfeld round out the cast as his military partners. The previews showcased some pretty spectacular special effects.

Thor: The Dark World

Natalie Portman Chris HemsworthRelease Date: November 8th

The sequel to the surprisingly good Thor has Chris Hemsworth returning as Marvel’s version of the Norse god. Thor: The Dark World has Thor coming back to Earth to save the planet from a sinister villain from Asgard’s beginnings. Tom Hiddleston also returns as his popular role of Loki, the Norse god of mischief. Also, Natalie Portman returns as Jane Foster, and this time around will be joining Thor on his journey. With much more at stake than the first time, this sequel could be a lot more exciting.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Release Date: November 15th

Martin Scorsese’s next film is based on the memoir of Jordan Belfort. Leonardo DiCaprio plays Belfort, who was infamously known for corrupting the stock market. The Wolf of Wall Street features a huge ensemble cast including Jonah Hill, Jean Dujardin, Margot Robbi, and Matthew McConaughey. The story will focus on Belfort’s notorious successes on Wall Street, and much like Scorsese’s other films, will be well written and directed.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Release Date: November 22nd

The second installment of the extremely popular Hunger Games book series has Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson reprising their roles as lead characters, Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark. This installment is about Katniss going on a “victory tour”. However, the sinister President Snow, played by Donald Sutherland, plans on ruining her life. It should be just as fun as the original for the fans, and it has been said that the new director will fix whatever problems the original had.

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