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20 Minutes or Less

If you’re a college student that wants to workout but doesn’t have more than 20 minutes a day to do so, there is a solution. Here are three quick workouts that will get you in great shape without taking up a large chunk of your time.


Workout 1 (Tones: Legs, Abs, Arms, Quads)
– 25 burpees: start with your legs shoulder width apart, do a small jump in the air and when your feet hit the ground, drop to the floor and do a push-up. After the push-up, jump back to your feet and repeat. (Legs, Abs, Arms)
3 rounds of
– 20 jump squats (Quads)
– 20 push ups (Arms, Abs)
– 10 pull ups (Arms)
On the last round end with 25 burpees

Workout 2 (Tones: Arms, Quads, Abs, Hamstrings)
3 rounds of
– 10 pull ups (Arms)
– 20 jumping lunges (Quads)
– 10 box jumps: choose a solid box that comes to at least your knee caps. Step about a foot back and, without stepping, jump up onto the box and step back down one foot at a time and repeat. (Quads, Hamstrings)
– 15 sit ups (Abs)

Workout 3 (Tones: Arms, Abs, Quads, Traps)
3 rounds of
– Maximum amount of push-ups (Arms, Abs)
– Maximum amount of sit ups (Abs)
– 20 walking lunges (with weights) (Quads, Traps)
– 20 burpees

When doing any of these workouts you don’t want to stop. Only take a 15-second break in-between each round. These workouts will help you stay in great shape and won’t take up much of your valuable time.

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