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Your New Obsession

Top five reasons to love up and coming artist Lorde



The second she stepped onto the music scene, she had the world’s ears captivated with her sleek and unique voice. Look out Gaga, every inch of her fabulous-being screams upcoming Pop Queen, and ultimately she’s the new “it” girl the world has been craving. New Zealand born, singer and songwriter, Ella Yelich-O’Connor, took hold of our musically deprived hearts as her alto-ago Lorde.


Top five reasons why you should start obsessing over Lorde: First off she is 16. Let that sink in. (When I was 16, I’m pretty sure my greatest accomplishments involved not completely failing out of math and maybe finding a matching pair of socks.) Secondly, she writes all her own songs. So not only does she sing like a goddess but she is also an extremely talented writer. Thirdly, her hair. It is majestic and always looks perfect. Reason number four, she just genuinely loves music, and what she does. She is not about the glamour, she just wants those who love her music, to purely just love the music. Lastly, you might as well just start obsessing now, because Lorde is going to be around for a long time.


Now I beg of you, please, take a minute and stop playing the reply button on her first number one in the U.S., “Royals”, and expose yourself to the rest of her music that makes her unbelievably fantastic. I highly recommend “Team” and “Tennis Courts.” Her mature perception of social interaction within her lyrics is so unbelievably captivating.


Her album, Pure Heroine, will be released on September 30th. But don’t worry, her EP Love Club and singles “Tennis Courts” and “Royals” should be enough to hold over your new found Lorde craving.


Now go forth and expose yourself to all that is Lorde. #praisetheLorde

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