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NFL Power Rankings: Week 3

Daveson Perez and Collin McQuade deliver their latest installment of NFL Power Rankings. Check out where your team falls after Week 3.

Seahawks' QB Russell Wilson had 4 touchdown passes in a rout of Jacksonville. See where Seattle ranks. (USA Today)

Seahawks’ QB Russell Wilson (center) had four touchdown passes in a rout of Jacksonville. See where Seattle ranks in this week’s rankings. (USA Today)

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-3): The Seahawks’ JV team was putting up numbers on this team. I’m not sure they would win in the Arena League playing like this. -CM

31. New York Giants (0-3): There are some changes that need to be made in New York, especially after this past week’s game vs. the Panthers. You’re telling me that Eli couldn’t score a touchdown? Not even one?! -DP

30. Minnesota Vikings (0-3): There are more people in Minnesota counting Adrian Peterson’s yards to see if he can reach 2,000 than there are people counting wins to see if they’ll make the playoffs.-CM

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-3): According to sources from the Buccaneers’ facilities, as reported by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, quarterback Josh Freeman is going to be benched and replaced by rookie Mike Glennon in Week 4, and for good reason. Freeman had a pitiful performance when he had every chance to make plays. –DP

28. Cleveland Browns (1-2): Shipping off running back Trent Richardson pretty much means they’re waiting for April. Draft here we come! -CM

27. Washington Redskins (0-3): All of the RGIII hoopla is distracting from the real problem of this team. It’s the Redskins’ secondary. Griffin has passed for 300+ yards in each of the three loses this season, which were all very close games. If the defense were to step up and give up less yards, it’d be a much different story for the sophomore QB. -DP

26. Pittsburgh Steelers (0-3): The Bears’ defense made Big Ben Roethlisberger look stupid in this one. Four turnovers against a strong team will land you in Losersville every time. It might be time to try Troy Polamalu on offense. -CM

25. Arizona Cardinals (1-2): The Cardinals are a team with tremendous potential, they just haven’t showed it at all in these first three games of the season. They have the necessary pieces both on defense and offense to be a formidable team, but something just isn’t clicking for this football team yet. -DP

24. Buffalo Bills (1-2): The Bills offense looked awful and the defense wasn’t much better. The Jets embarrassed them and Bilal Powell ran over them like it was Pop Warner.  -CM

23. St. Louis Rams (1-2): Where was the defense by the Rams? They made Tony Romo look like Joe Montana for a day. -DP

22. Oakland Raiders (1-2): The Raiders look like a whole new ball club. Terrelle Pryor is looking like his Heisman days and Denarius Moore is turning into an elite receiver. They simply ran into a juggernaut last week in the Broncos. -CM

21. Carolina Panthers (1-2): Round of applause for Cam Newton and the Panthers. I knew their defense was good, but I didn’t know they could be THAT good. Six sacks in the first 11 minutes of the game? Impressive. -DP

20. San Diego Chargers (1-2): Phillip Rivers was accurate for the first time this season and it paid off, just not enough for the win. -CM

19. Philadelphia Eagles (1-2): Michael Vick didn’t have it going in this game. He had a completion percentage under 50%. That’s not going to get you a win against a team like Kansas City that’s on a hot start to the season.-DP

18. Tennessee Titans (2-1): Jake Locker had a good game and rushed for almost 70 yards. This was a huge win over the Chargers but they need to keep the ball rolling and CJ2K needs to find the end zone. -CM

17. New York Jets (2-1): The Jets are 2-1 and like I said before, quarterback Geno Smith is showing major potential. There are definitely some things that need to be fixed, but he has the arm and he can also run a little bit. -CM

16. Atlanta Falcons (1-2): Losing their running back early in the season didn’t help the Falcons. Looks like Matt Ryan will have to put the team on his back…or Julio Jones’. -CM

15. Green Bay Packers (2-1): Aaron Rodgers is playing well, but he has been plagued by injuries to some key starters in Eddie Lacy and Jermichael Finley, who are both out due to concussions.-DP

14. Detroit Lions (2-1): Calvin Johnson ties Torry Holt as the fourth fastest receiver ever to reach 8,000 yards. Not a surprise they threw a lot…again. -CM

13. San Francisco 49ers (1-2): Colin Kaepernick and coach John Harbaugh have some major planning to do because teams have figured the out the San Fransico quarterback completely. Seattle provided the blue print and from now on teams are going to refer to that tape to see exactly how they did it. They’re lucky to be facing the Rams next week. -DP

12. Indianapolis Colts (2-1): They say competition breeds excellence and the signing of Trent Richardson did exactly that to the run game in Indy. Ahmad Bradshaw ran hard, Richardson ran hard, and the Colts played hard. -CM

11. Dallas Cowboys (2-1): Demarco Murray ran his butt off against the Rams. 175 yards and a touchdown? Awesome. -DP

10. Houston Texans (2-1): While they took a beating on the scoreboard, they actually out played the Ravens in the air and on the ground and gained a lot of yardage. The turnovers were simply too much to handle. -CM

9. Miami Dolphins (3-0): WOW! Ryan Tannehil is turning heads right now. It was a very impressive win against a playoff-caliber football team in Atlanta. Could that possibly mean a wild card spot for the Dolphins? We’ll see. -DP

8. Baltimore Ravens (2-1): Now that is the Ravens defense we’ve been missing. Defensive touchdowns and a special teams beating handed out to the Texans this week. And how fitting Ray Lewis was back on the house. Coincidence? I think not. -CM

7. New Orleans Saints (3-0): Good win for the Saints. Drew Brees made it look easy. -DP

6. Kansas City Chiefs (3-0): The Chiefs are the surprise of the league. Going from worst to first is a real thing now and coach Andy Reid has a defense that can turn the ball over. I’m not betting against them until they lose. -CM

5. New England Patriots (3-0): Finally, a solid Patriots outing. Kenbrell Thompkins (two touchdowns) emerged as the possible front runner for red zone situations and Tom Brady’s favorite rookie receiver on this team -DP

4. Cincinnati Bengals (2-1): The Bengals showed poise to win a hard fought comeback game against the Packers. The defense looked tough as nails and Andy Dalton played well. -CM

3. Chicago Bears (3-0): Chicago just so happened to face a Steelers team who is deficient in a lot of ways. Regardless, the Bears are 3-0. -DP

2.  Denver Broncos (3-0): PEYTON MANNING. -CM

1. Seattle Seahawks (3-0): The Seahawks annihilated the Jags. Jacksonville literally had zero chance at a win in this one. -DP

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