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Mass Hauntings

Massachusetts has a lot of haunted history. Boston is known for its historical entities and spooky stories. This Halloween, these main attractions will keep you on your toes.

If you're particularly gutsy, go on an actual haunted ship and do a ghost hunt on the U.S.S. Salem

If you’re particularly gutsy, go on an actual haunted ship and do a ghost hunt on the U.S.S. Salem

Take a Newburyport/Roxbury line commuter rail train from North Station to Washington Square in Salem, MA and study the Puritans on trial and killed in 1692 for alleged witchcraft at the Salem Witch Museum. Learn about the twenty innocent people put to death during the infamous witch hysteria. Guides will take you behind the scenes about witch hunting, phenomena on witchcraft practice and the truth about the caustic ways of society. Tours of haunted locations are one of the most popular attractions in Salem, especially during Halloween time, so plan ahead and visit different tour group websites to get the best deal.

George’s Island would be the next stop on your haunted destination. Utilized mainly during the American Civil War to defend Boston Harbor, and as a Confederate prisoner camp, Fort Warren served many soldiers then and now; as their ghosts linger in means to protect their colony. The true reason why ghost hunters take a ferry to George’s Island is to perhaps meet “The Lady in Black.”  Legend has it that she snuck into the fort disguised as a soldier in order to meet up with her enlisted husband. When her plan was foiled and she was caught, she demanded that they treat her like a woman and allow her to wear women’s clothing for her imminent execution. With only a dress costume on hand from a play, she was killed in the fort and is said to haunt the shores, looking for her husband.

Haunted Boston Ghost Tours meet in Boston Common at the entrance of the Central Burial Ground Cemetery, home to many famous burials. This 90-minute walking tour takes you through the dark shadowy streets of Boston in search of eerie shadows that roam. Learn about the most haunted hotels or what lays in the Boston Commons as your fellow guides lead you by lantern to unfold the mysteries Boston presents.

Old Town Trolley’s Ghosts and Gravestones offers a sightseeing tour which explores the city of Boston. Ride the trolley as you listen to stories of Boston’s dark past, hauntings and murders. Tour the cobblestone streets once roamed by the Boston strangler. The tour ends with a walk to Boston’s two oldest and most famous graveyards.

If you’re interested in ghost tours, visit the only preserved U.S. navel heavy cruiser, the U.S.S Salem in Quincy offers actual ghost hunting. Prior to your ghost adventure, you will receive a brief overview of how the EVP machinery and equipment work, a background of the ship and the history of its ghosts. So whether you’re a professional or a first-timer, you can partake in a hands-on investigation.

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