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The Queen of Pop is Back

gaga1Google, “the new queen of pop” and tell me what you see. That is right ladies and gentlemen, Gaga is the queen!

Lady GaGa has been very busy recovering from her hip surgery, as well as getting ready for her new album ARTPOP, and releasing her new single ‘Applause’. Not to mention she has started a fight with celebrity blog writer Perez Hilton. It is clear that GaGa is back and ready to run the world once again.

So where has Lady GaGa been? Well, back in February GaGa had to cancel the rest of her Born This Way tour due to a hip injury. She would later have to go into surgery. Afterwards, GaGa stayed quiet, almost completely vanishing from the social and music world. But on July 12th GaGa revealed the date for her long awaited album ARTPOP which will be arriving in stores on November 11th. Not only is ARTPOP an album, but it will also be an app. Lady GaGa said that, “the app itself is a musical and visual engineering system that combines music, art, fashion, and technology.” In the app the users will be able to interact in a worldwide community.

“ARTPOP”, GaGa said, “is a rage of electronic passion and fury.” She also mentioned that the album is not just and album, but “a night in the club.” Lady GaGa worked with DJ White Shadow and German DJ-producer Zedd on several tracks. GaGa also collaborated with many other artists who she has not yet revealed to the world.

It is rumored that Beyoncé may return to do another song. Just recently, Rihanna tweeted that she had just worked in the studio with one of her favorite artists. She also tweeted lyrics from one of GaGa’s new songs. At the same time GaGa tweeted that she was in the studio too… interesting.

gaga2On September 1st, Lady GaGa preformed at the iTunes Festival in London. She performed new songs from ARTPOP. Each song sounded unique and different from all of her other work, with such songs like ‘Manicure’, ‘Sex Dreams’, and ‘Swine’. Oh and let us not forget the song ‘Jewels and Drugs’ feat. TI, Too $hort, and Twista! If you really like Lady GaGa it is suggested that you look up these song right now and go wild.

GaGa revealed that, “ ARTPOP is when POP sucks the tits of ART.”  This album/app is going to be something new and fresh. Lady Gaga is leaving the Born this Way era behind and moving onto something much bigger. Recovering from her surgery has given her a lot of time to work on her new album. It is an app, it is an album, and it is the future of pop music.

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