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The Search for Humane Cosmetics

The Leaping Bunny Logo

The Leaping Bunny Logo

Whether it be for moral or for other personal reasons, it’s always a good option to use animal friendly cosmetics. It can be a challenge to find products that do not use animal testing but it is possible. In order to begin the search, there are many online resources that specialize in finding safe, animal-friendly beauty products.

A credible source is Leaping Bunny. They have created a guide compiled by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics that includes all current humane cosmetics offered in the market today. The list is extensive and includes popular brands such as Burt’s Bees, The Body Shop and Urban Decay. Each of these brands provides you with high quality cosmetics so you aren’t making any trade-offs. The list can be accessed directly from the Leaping Bunny website where products can also be purchased on the site.

A faster method for discovering humane brands is reading cosmetic labels while shopping. Whether it is mascara or shampoo, if the cosmetic is humane it will have the Leaping Bunny Logo on it.

Another easy check is to look for the country the cosmetic was made in. The Chinese government requires all cosmetics made in the country be tested on animals. For example, Almay boasts being free of animal testing for the last 20 years, however this does not include their products made internationally.

A recent development is the European Union banning all animal testing, requiring many companies to change policies and look towards an animal friendly future.

A popular company that is making strides to becoming animal friendly is L’Oreal. They do not test their products on animals, but they still do limited testing of new ingredients.

The same goes for Rimmel London; while they have made important strides there is still a ways to go in the positive direction. With consumer feedback, many cosmetic companies are making the switch to humane procedures and leaving animal testing behind.

In order to see updates on cosmetics that use humane products and be a more informed consumer, “like” the Leaping Bunny Facebook page and also pin the Humane Society’s Be Cruelty Free Pinterest Board. New products are constantly being added and there are updates on animal testing laws and regulations on these pages.

If you want to be a part of the movement against animal testing, join the Humane Society’s Be Cruelty-Free campaign directly on their website. While it is a slow process, many companies are reducing animal testing or stopping all together. The cosmetic industry is highlighting a cruelty free cosmetic future, which looks to be quickly approaching.

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