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NFL Power Rankings: Week 2

San Francisco 49ers v Seattle SeahawksWeek 2 is in the books and there is a new team atop the Suffolk Voice NFL Power Rankings. See where Daveson Perez and Collin McQuade ranked your team this week!

32) Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2): The jags are last again this week. Maybe they’ll move up to 31 next week when they get Tim Tebow –DP

31) Cleveland Browns(0-2): The Cleveland Browns are still the Cleveland browns however with Josh Gordon coming back off suspension this week, look for Trent Richardson to step it up in the run game and this team could be looking at a win. (But I doubt it). -CM

30) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-2): Josh Freeman is not the same quarterback he was in 2010 where he went 10-6 in his first full season with the team. The ONLY thing good about the Bucs is there defense. It’s too bad that in the NFL you have to score points to win. –DP

29) Oakland Raiders (0-2): They did look strong this week but let’s be honest they beat the Jaguars were not rolling out any red carpet for them just yet. –CM

28) New York Jets (0-2): Geno Smith is still experiencing growing pains in this league. I believe he has a future in this league, but it’s going to take a full season, maybe two, for him to mature. –DP

27) Pittsburgh Steelers (0-2): The Steelers can’t run the ball to save their life and their receivers can’t get open. So unless Troy Polamalu expects to jump the snap count every play it’s not looking good. -CM

26) Carolina Panthers (0-2): Cam Newton and the Panthers don’t have an easy schedule by any means this season. The playmaker that was Cam Newton is nonexistent this season. -DP

25) Buffalo Bills (1-1): Mario Williams set a franchise record with 4.5 sacks…and that’s about it. -CM

24) Washington Redskins (0-2): It is not sure if RGIII is 100 percent like he said he was. He’s still wearing that knee brace and teams are going to continue to exploit that weakness until he proves that he is indeed 100 percent. –DP

23) Minnesota Vikings (0-2): They want to bench Ponder for a quarterback who was even worse last year in Matt Cassel. They have to establish a passing game because otherwise the other team might as well put 12 men in the box to stop Adrian Peterson. -CM

22) Tennessee Titans (1-1): The Titans were impressive against the defense of the Texans, but their defense couldn’t hold the lead for them. They permitted an average quarterback in Matt Shaub lead a 4th quarter run that tied the game and eventually lead to an overtime victory. –DP

21) Arizona Cardinals (1-1): Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians together have already improved this team so much from last year but with a hamstring injury to Larry Fitzgerald they need to find another weapon to take some of the load off of him. -CM

20) New York Giants (0-2): The Manning Bowl is over and the loser was baby brother Eli making him 0-3 against his brother Peyton. The Broncos were able to shut down this offense through the half and into the fourth quarter, which is where Eli threw his first touchdown pass of the game. The defense also forced 4 interceptions by Eli. –DP

19) Philadelphia Eagles (1-1): Chip Kelly revamped the offense and it is working well but the Eagles have got to do something about that defense. The offense doesn’t hold the ball long because of the pace and then it makes the defense shoulder the weight of the game. -CM

18) San Diego Chargers (1-1): Philip Rivers had a good comeback win this past Sunday against the Eagles. Solid team effort. –DP

17) St. Louis Rams (1-1): The receivers for the rams are inconsistent. One week its Austin the next it’s Cook. Someone needs to define themselves as the leader and straighten this ship out. -CM

16) Detroit Lions (1-1): Matthew Stafford showed glimpse’s of what he could be as a quarterback in this league. He had some pretty good passes against the Cardinals, but it wasn’t enough to get the win as they got shut down by the Cardinals defense in a loss. Calvin Johnson had his 12th career game with receiving yards over 100. –DP

15) Dallas Cowboys (1-1): Dez Bryant had a huge game but he came up short in the clutch. Jason Witten was a ghost all game the one positive is their defense played well. I believe this team is a sleeper to move up this list next week. -CM

14) Baltimore Ravens (1-1): Poor performance by Joe Flacco against a cupcake team in the Browns. –DP

13) Indianapolis Colts (1-1): Heading on the road to San Francisco doesn’t look good this week for the Colts but Andrew Luck is getting better with his tight end Colby Fleener and Ahmad Bradshaw is finally running well. –CM

12) Miami Dolphins (2-0): Mike Wallace made amends for his no show in week 1. It was also a very impressive game by Ryan Tannehill as well. -DP

11) Cincinnati Bengals (1-1): The defense was impressive and Andy Dalton has a ton of viable weapons. He just needs to stop overthrowing them and put the ball into their hands and they will be fine. -CM

10) New Orleans Saints (2-0): Jimmy Graham was the go to guy for Drew Brees this week! He had 179 yards receiving and was a 1 yard away from a touchdown that would have blew the game wide open. –DP

9) Kansas City Chiefs (2-0): The chiefs with Alex Smith and the new offense are looking amazing compared to last year. The defense is creating turnovers and the offense is putting the ball in the end zone. Andy Reid is doing something right over there. This will be my bid for most improved of 2013 if things keep going like they are. -CM

8) New England Patriots (2-0): Out of all the teams that are 2-0 in the league the Patriots are the teams that are there by accident. But, they are still 2-0 and they will get better in the upcoming weeks. -DP

7) Atlanta Falcons (1-1): Losing Biermann on defense and Jackson on offense will slow them down, but Matt Ryan has way too many weapons to not be successful. -CM

6) Chicago Bears (2-0): Jay Cutler is proving himself slowly but surely. He was clutch this week throwing a big league pass to Martellus Bennett in the fourth quarter to seal the victory. –DP

5) Houston Texans (2-0): Even with a concussion to Andre Johnson the Texans come up big with Rookie D’Andre Hopkins stepping up with a huge game and an even bigger touchdown to close it out. -CM

4) Green Bay Packers (1-1): Aaron Rodgers is a beast! He had 480 yards passing in a complete thrashing of RGIII and the Redskins. -DP

3) San Francisco 49ers (1-1): While a big loss hurts them against Seattle this team is still tough. With a huge defense and a dynamic offense Harbaugh isn’t going to let this game derail them. Also they have played two of the toughest teams in the NFL in weeks 1 &2. -CM

2) Denver Broncos (2-0): Big brother Peyton reminded Eli who the best regular season quarter back in football history is. In addition to a solid outing by Peyton, the defense showed up big time WITHOUT Von Miller. -DP

1) Seattle Seahawks (2-0): The Seahawks dominated this game from start to finish. They have the hot hand now with Marshawn Lynch running over everyone but I’d be willing to bet it would have looked different if we were playing in the bay. -CM

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