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Just Keep Jogging

The banks of the Charles River.

The banks of the Charles River.

The wind brushes against your cheek, the stress of the day clears away and there is nothing but the constant right, left rhythm of your feet making their way along Boston’s picturesque streets. Bostonians everywhere are striving to be outside as much as possible to soak up the perfect September weather. Why not do this while working out?

Head to Public Garden and circle the park for when you need a short jog. The mileage depends on how many laps one completes. Students leaving from Miller will find the trek to the park combined with a full lap around to be about two miles. Those leaving from 10 West or Tremont should do at least two laps. Bustling with nature and life, the Garden has plenty of things to distract you from the fact that you are taking part in rigorous activity.

From Public Garden cut through to Charles Street. The brick sidewalks and antique shops make this area uniquely Boston. It is not as congested as Newbury Street so joggers can pass pedestrians smoothly. At the end of the street take a right if you’re ready to go directly back to the dorms. Those are you who want to jog on can take a left onto the stairs that lead you to the next location; arguably the best running spot in all of Boston.

The Charles River: where Bostonians and tourists gather to enjoy the fresh air and overall scenery. The banks of the river host bike paths and grassy areas bustling with joggers who nod and smile as they pass by encouraging you to just keep running. Whether you are jogging alone or with a friend, the river bank gives a sense of communal motivation.

Whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned jogger, these routes will make the experience one that you will be eager to repeat. This city is a beauty to behold so go run Boston: plug in those headphones, tighten those sneakers and let the pressures of student life fade away.

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