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Wrecking Ball Music Video Review

The gods have smiled down upon us and blessed us with a music video of Miley Cyrus not twerking!

Miley1With the recent mess that was her performance at VMA’s, there was a lot build up around Miley’s new video ‘Wrecking Ball.’ Being totally different from her twerk-fabulous song ‘We Can’t Stop,’ Miley decided to take a turn for an emotional power anthem, and to my surprise I found myself in love with it. With the lyrics, “Don’t you ever say I just walked away, I will always want you” Miley hints that she was definitely hurt by someone who she is still madly in love with *coughs* Liam.

The video was directed by famous celebrity photographer Terry Richardson, and was released September 9th. The cinematography was amazing and crystal clear. Richardson should win an award for his work on this video.

Right from the start we are greeted with the ghostly white face of Miley who is staring with her electric blue eyes deep into the hearts and souls of all her viewers. Tears can be seen falling from her eyes and Miley’s pain and sadness is clear on her face as she begins to sing. With each of the amazing close ups of Miley you can see every bit of her emotions. Especially when she is singing her heart out and rolling around in the rubble of her crumbling set.  It was obvious that Miley was going for an all out emotional rollercoaster ride of a music video like Rihanna’s ‘Stay’.

Miley can be seen walking around with a sledgehammer, looking ready to mess things up, and thankfully she does. With her rage, Miley swings the hammer around and smashes up her set. A giant wrecking ball swings around destroying the walls all around her. You can not help but say, “Yes Miley, yes!”

But wait, look…cyrus10f-3-web Miley is completely naked! Out of nowhere Miley is naked swinging on top of the wrecking ball that was recently destroying the set. There I was getting emotional watching Miley be dramatic then there she is naked! Of course I can not forget the scene where Miley starts to lick the damn hammer and suck on it!

Do not get me wrong, I love the video, I loved the song, and Terry Richardson’s directing was flawless. Also, Miley’s acting was not that bad. It was just that Miley was trying really hard to go for the emotional heartbreak music video but ruined it with her nakedness. Overall, I say go watch it. It is a song you’ll have fun with.

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