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An Ultimate Experience

Suffolk’s Ultimate Frisbee Team

College is the time to unleash whatever kind of athlete you are, whether that is the traditional soccer player or an offbeat Quidditch captain. This year, Suffolk is giving those in the latter category a new unusual sport: Ultimate Frisbee.

Open to all students, and still in the trial phase, Ultimate Frisbee is similar to American football. A Frisbee is thrown between players on a team to reach an end zone. Players on the opposing teams can intercept a pass and begin the process of getting the Frisbee to the other end of the field. The catch: while holding the Frisbee, a player cannot move.

It may sound like an odd concept, but the Suffolk Ultimate Frisbee Team does not require any prior knowledge or skill. Alexa Marsh, one of the executive board members for the new organization, says the team “is a great way to meet people, not only from Suffolk, but from across the country as well,” due to the club’s membership in the Eastern Region of college-level USA Ultimate.

“We only ask that you will be committed to the team,” said Marsh. “Commitment” to this team means attending practice on Thursdays from 1-2:30 p.m. and possible additional sessions as well as the program develops.

This is an exciting time to join the Ultimate Frisbee Team here at Suffolk because of how new it is. Any incoming members will be able to give input and have a say in the direction of the club while taking a break from the vigorous college lifestyle.

For more information or to get involved in the Ultimate Frisbee Team, email Alexa Marsh at

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