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Yours Truly

Up and coming superstar, Ariana Grande, most famously known as Cat on the hit Nickelodeon TV shows, VArianaGrandeictorious and Sam & Cat, has just released her debut album, Yours Truly. After her first single, ‘The Way’ featuring Mac Miller went double platinum, she released two more singles, ‘Baby I’ and ‘Right There’, which resulted in Yours Truly debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200. Ariana Grande is officially the first female artist to debut an album at #1 since Kesha’s Animal in January of 2010.


Honeymoon Avenue

‘Honeymoon Avenue’ is definitely one of the more emotional songs on the album. Ariana has even cried while performing this song on her recent tour, Listening Sessions, most likely because it has been said that this song is about her ex-boyfriend. It’s a 6-minute very passionate ballad.

Baby I

‘Baby I’ is the second single and is more “sophisticated” and “mature” than her song ‘The Way’, according to Grande. The song is about not being able to put strong feelings for someone into words. It is a great R&B and pop song with Grande’s incredible vocals.

Right There

‘Right There’, featuring Big Sean, is Grande’s third and most recent single from Yours Truly. It is actually a little similar to ‘The Way,’ and is a very charming and relatable song. Basically it is just about always being there for a significant other. Big Sean’s voice makes the song that much better.

Tattooed Heart

‘Tattooed Heart’ is a very sweet and cute song about wanting to be “the name on your tattooed heart.” It is another slow song that changes the pace of the album and Grande hits every high note perfectly.

Lovin’ It

‘Lovin’ It’ is a very catchy and upbeat song that will remind one of the music from the 90s. It is definitely a great song to jam to when you’re in a good mood.


After reading a lot of reviews and seeing fans’ reactions on twitter, ‘Piano’ seems to be a fan favorite. Great lyrics from this song are “I could write a song with my new piano, I could sing about how love is a losing battle, it’s not hard”, and “But I’d rather make a song they can play on the radio that makes you wanna grab your lover’s hand.”  These lyrics are true in the sense that many songs these days are just about broken hearts. It is wonderful how Grande basically says she likes to make happy music.


‘Daydreamin’’, which was supposed to be the album’s original title, is about always having someone on your mind, and “daydreamin’” about him or her all the time. Just like in ‘Tattooed Heart’, it is nice to see that Grande got inspiration for this ballad from the 50s and 60s.

The Way

The Way’, featuring Mac Miller, is Grande’s first single from Yours Truly. It was immediately successful from the moment it was released. ‘The Way’, hit #1 on iTunes just seven hours after its release. It is a very catchy song, and Mac Miller’s verses are perfect.

You’ll Never Know

‘You’ll Never Know’ is about a past crush showing his feelings a little too late. It is another very catchy pop song, and will be an album favorite.

Almost Is Never Enough (featuring Nathan Sykes from The Wanted)

‘Almost Is Never Enough’ is hands down the best song on Yours Truly. It is such an amazing duet with Nathan Sykes from The Wanted, who also has an incredible voice, and is featured on the soundtrack for the movie, Mortal Instruments. The song is very classic, mature, and also a relaxing song.

Popular Song with MIKA

For all you theater junkies, if you listen to this very upbeat song, you’ll immediately be reminded of ‘Popular’ from the hit musical, Wicked. Just like ‘Popular’, ‘Popular Song’ is about being an outcast at school, and finding the true meaning of being popular as well as “being true to you.”

Better Left Unsaid

‘Better Left Unsaid’ will probably be rated as the worst song of the whole album. The beginning is great with the piano and Grande’s soft voice. Her high notes are awesome, however the chorus changes to a very upbeat club song. The song would be a lot better without the shouts from a random man saying, “If you wanna party put your hands up!” It just makes the song sound very tacky. But Grande’s amazing voice makes up for it.

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