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NFL Power Rankings: Week 1

20120818_jla_ac4_663_extra_large_mediumWeek 1 of the 2013 NFL season is in the books and it is time to unleash another edition of the Suffolk Voice NFL Power Rankings brought to you this year by Daveson Perez and Collin McQuade. See where your team ranks.

1.) Denver Broncos (1-0): It was a semi-slow start for Peyton Manning, but he lit up the defending champions this past week. Manning threw 7 touchdowns after not throwing one in the first quarter? If that’s not deserving of the number one spot I don’t know what is. – Daveson Perez

2.) San Francisco 49ers (1-0): The 49ers were a powerhouse this weekend. Although there was questions about the receiving core, veteran Anquan Boldin stepped up and showed he still has some gas in the tank. – Collin McQuade

3.) Green Bay Packers (0-1): Even though they lost to San Francisco in what was a very hard fought game, Aaron Rodgers showed why he is regarded and revered as one of, if not the best, quarter back in the NFL. Still questions on their secondary for sure, but if Aaron Rodgers can keep scoring like he’s capable of doing, it’ll give the team some time to figure things out. -DP

4.) Chicago Bears (1-0): Da Bears got back to their old ways led by Peanut Tillman who along with the stellar defense forced 3 turnovers against a very strong Bengals team. -CM

5.) Seattle Seahawks (1-0): This week’s game against the Carolina Panthers was a low scoring one, where the Hawks were totally saved by their defense. Russell Wilson can, and should, play better next week. -DP

6.) New Orleans Saints (1-0): The Saints are getting back to form with Sean Payton back at the helm. Obviously Drew Brees is going to throw for a million yards so their looking pretty good for next week. -CM

7.) Cincinnati Bengals (0-1): Tough loss for the Bengals this week. AJ Green. Still a nasty wide-out. -DP

8.) Houston Texans (1-0): The Texans will be strong this week with their always strong run game. Whether it is Arian Foster or Ben Tate, the backs in that backfield will be running a lot. Also JJ Swat is a man amongst boys and he leads a strong defense. -CM

9.) Dallas Cowboys (1-0): Way to go Romo! That’s about as much recognition Romo is going to get until he makes it past the first round of the playoffs. Last week’s win against the Giants is credited to that D Jerry Jones put together. Let’s hope they make it this year -DP

10.) Philadelphia Eagles (1-0): Chip Kelly’s Eagles got off to a hot start and their offense beat up on a sad Redskins team. This team will thrive as long as they remain healthy since Vick is like 100 years old by now and has been taking head hits his entire career. –CM

11.) Atlanta Falcons (0-1): Matt Ryan just could not get it done in the fourth quarter against the Saints. Let’s hope he’s not catching some of that Lebron James fourth quarter flu virus that causes you to choke in the moments that matter. –DP

12.) New England Patriots (1-0): The Patriots looked sloppy for a while against the Bills last week but they pulled it together and got the big Divisional win. They will begin to gel more and Tom Brady will do what Tom Brady does…WIN. -CM

13.) Indianapolis Colts (1-0): The Colts lacked aggressiveness this week against a team they should’ve blew out of the water. 21-17 against the Raiders? Unacceptable. -DP

14.) Detroit Lions(1-0): The Lions posted huge numbers in the run game and short pass game. Matt Stafford throws the ball more than anyone has ever thrown the ball and they still have Calvin Johnson so look for a big week here. -CM

15.) Baltimore Ravens (0-1): The Ravens gave Joe Flacco the reigns of this team and he blew it in the first week. He threw the ball 62 times and only scored 2 touchdowns. Peyton Manning threw a fourth less and scored 7. -DP

16.) Kansas City Chiefs (1-0): The Chiefs are a menace on defense with a ferocious pass rush and Andy Reid’s new offense behind Alex Smith should begin to thrive in the west coast system. Dwayne Bowe and Smith are getting better and the defense should hold tough throughout the season. -CM

17.) Tennessee Titans (1-0): Let’s be honest, the Titans beat the Steelers because Ben Roethlisberger was an absolute shell of himself. -DP

18.) Miami Dolphins (1-0): The Dolphins played a very good football game and even with Mike Wallace crying like a baby over his amount of looks last week it should be a good assumption that their new found passing trend will keep going. Look for Wallace to bounce back and Hartline to have another big game. -CM

19.) St. Louis Rams (1-0): The Rams were resilient this week and they deserve a lot of credit for that. Legitimate team effort to slightly edge out a more talented Cardinals team. -DP

20.) New York Giants (0-1): The Giants just picked Brandon Jacobs up again which lets you know where their run game is currently at. Eli had a big game passing but he is always inconsistent (until it’s the super bowl and the game is on the line then he is the luckiest man alive). -CM

21.) Carolina Panthers (0-1): No question this is a year where Cam Newton must prove himself as a leader on this team, but I’d be damned if I didn’t recognize who the leaders on their defense are. Charles Godfrey and Luke Kuechly are too forces to be reckoned with on defense. -DP

22.) Arizona Cardinals (0-1): The Cardinals had a good game passing with Larry Fitzgerald and Carson Palmer linking up and creating rapport that should last the season. That however doesn’t mean they will win. -CM

23.) Washington Redskins (0-1): RGIII is going to get tested this season. He was against the Eagles and it’s not going to get any easier next week against Green Bay.  -DP

24.) Minnesota Vikings (0-1): The Vikings go as Adrian Peterson goes. He is going… Christian Ponder isn’t. -CM

25.) Pittsburgh Steelers (0-1):  Ben was not Ben Roethlisberger this week he was just plain old average Ben. -DP

26.) San Diego Chargers (0-1): The Chargers are mediocre at best and unless Manti Teo’s fake girlfriend starts playing on defense they won’t go far. Phillip Rivers needs to get back into form for them to have a chance this year. -CM

27.) New York Jets (1-0): I see potential in Geno Smith. This isn’t going to be a winning season for the Jets for obvious reasons, but I’m interested in seeing Geno next year after a full season -DP

28.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-1): The Bucs are going up against a very strong New Orleans team and I dont see them winning this one. Freeman isnt passing well, Martin isnt running well and they just lost to the Jets…enough said. -CM

29.) Buffalo Bills (0-1): The Bills just couldn’t stop the Patriots from getting down field when it matters most. -DP

30.) Oakland Raiders (0-1): The Raiders have a new found life with Pryor at quarterback and his 112 rushing yards. However the reason he ran so much is because their offensive line is awful. They need help and Pryor isnt going to be enough. -CM

31.) Cleveland Browns (0-1): Browns lost. Is this even news to anyone? –DP

32.) Jacksonville Jaguars (0-1): The Jags are last here….because they are the Jags -CM

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