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Game Of Thrones: Season 3- Episode 10



Season 3 of Game of Thrones came to a close on Sunday night. While nothing as shocking happened on the finale as opposed the previous episode the viewers still got to see where the next season of Game of Thrones will be heading.


Thought the “Red Wedding” scenes were over? Not completely. At the opening of the episode the viewers see Frey men carrying around Grey Wind’s head, which is attached to the body of Robb Stark. Of course the Hound has not taken Arya away yet, and instead she has to watch as these men mock her dead brother. Arya does get her revenge later on in the episode. The Hound and her are walking past a group of Frey men who are laughing about the “Red Wedding.” Arya approaches, she plays the men for fools, and kills one. The Hound helps her with the rest.


The traitor, Roose Bolton, is named Warden of the North. He confirms that his bastard son, Ramsay Bolton, is up in the North taking care of things, including Theon Greyjoy. Walder Frey also assumes that he is now the Lord of Riverrun, even though Brynden “Blackfish” Tully has escaped the Twins unscathed.


Who is more excited than anyone in the Kingdom about the Stark’s deaths? Joffrey of course! At a council meeting the “Red Wedding” is brought to Tyrion’s attention. He states that he does not like how they went about killing the Starks. They should have done it on a battlefield, but no one seems to care. He also reminds his father, Tywin, that the North will not forget, but this does not seem to phase him either. Tyrion goes to tell his new bride, Sansa, the news, but upon arrival to her room it is clear that she already found out.


Bran, Hodor, Jojen, and Meera camp out in an abandon castle at the Wall. After Bran tells a ghost story, Sam appears with Gilly and her son. Sam recognizes Bran as Jon’s brother, and begs him to come back to the safest place he knows, the Wall. Bran and company decline, and after a little bit of a fight, Sam informs them how to get on the other side of the Wall. He also shares the knowledge on how to kill the White Walkers.


Jon encounters Ygritte on his journey back to Castle Black. She has her bow and arrow aimed at him. He does not believe that she will hurt him, and tells her that he must go back home. Though Jon thought he was safe, Ygritte fires three arrows at him. He then sets off on his horse. Jon finally arrives back to Castle Black where he falls off his horse from his injuries. The brothers carry him inside.


If one does not like the character of Davos then you are wrong. A character that was not much on anyone’s radar has come full circle this season. His ability to keep standing up to Stannis and Melisandre without fear is what makes him so awesome. He also believes in doing the right thing, which is pretty admirable for someone to do on this show.




Davos develops a relationship with Gendry. When he hears that Melisandre and Stannis still plan to kill him, he sets Gendry free. He gets him a boat, points him to King’s Landing, and awaits his punishment. When called into question, Davos does not deny letting Gendry free. Stannis sentences him to death, until Davos pulls a scroll from his pocket from Maester Aemon at the Wall. It states that the true war lies beyond the wall. After Melisandre puts the scroll into the fire, she informs Stannis that they must go North of the wall immediately, and that Davos must stay alive.


Dany waits patiently outside the gates of Yunkai. When the gates finally open, thousands of slaves pour out in front of her, waiting for her to speak. She tells them that they are the only ones who can give themselves freedom. They start chanting “Mhysa”, which means mother, and she orders her dragons to fly overhead. She steps down into the crowd, and walks through the slaves without protection because she knows they will not hurt her. They lift her up overhead and continue to chant “Mhysa! Mhysa! Mhysa!”.

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