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Weekly Box Office Review: Week Three

With so many appealing films out at the box office this week, which one is right for you? Voice writers Esteban Cajigas and Lenny Rowe present the top ten at the box office this week, and provide a brief synopsis to help you decide. Films are ranked from highest-grossing film to least, courtesy of

1.) Fast & Furious 6

Esteban Cajigas: I still remember when the first Fast and Furious came out. At this point I think it is fair to say that this franchise has found a formula on how to make its movies. While that may sound negative, this is the six installment and as you can see it brought in more money than anybody else this week. As most of the movies in the series, it is entertaining and expectedly packed with girls, cars, and money. 

2.) The Hangover Part III 

Lenny Rowe: It’s time for an intervention for Alan after he goes off his medication and causes a major accident on the freeway. Alan and the Wolfpack are en route to the rehabilitation center when they are intercepted and Doug is taken for ransom. Mr. Chow holds the key to his freedom as Alan, Phil, and Stu must fight to get Doug back. Despite poor reviews from critics, I would say this film is a must-see. It’s a lot better than the second part of the series, as there are plenty of memorable funny moments throughout. Also with Zach Galifianakis’ usual antics, how could you go wrong? 

3.) Star Trek Into Darkness 

If you loved the first Star Trek then do not miss this. If you did not like the first one then give this one a chance because it is really really good. More mature and packed with action this movie will thrill almost everybody that sees it. This is J.J. Abrams at his best. 

4.) Epic 

LR: An all-star cast lines this animated adventure film from the creators of Ice Age and Rio. A young woman is thrust into a world where an epic battle of good versus evil is taking place. The good side wants to save the forest habitat while the evil seeks to destroy it. If you’re looking for a clean film to see with your family and younger siblings, check out Epic.

5.) Iron Man 3

EC: I really expected this to stay higher in the list for a longer period of time than it did. A lot like Fast and Furious 6, this movie will entertain but nothing more. It wont leave a lasting impression and it seems like the box office agrees since it has gone down from first to fifth in a short amount of time. If you are an Iron Man fan then make sure you see this.

6.) The Great Gatsby

LR: The negative reviews continue to poor in as this film keeps slipping in the box office. This film had much promise just a few weeks ago, but it falls flat, failing to continue F. Scott Fitzgerald’s legacy. Do yourself a favor; skip The Great Gatsby and watch one of the better films out this week. 

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7.) Mud 

EC: This movie is probably the only serious oscar contender in this list. Between the films quality and Mathew McConaughey’s performance, critics are going crazy over this movie. This movie is for the kind of movie-goer that is looking for more than just entertainment. 

8.) 42

LR: A very inspiring film chronicling the struggles of real-life baseball hero, Jackie Robinson, as he tore down the color barrier in Major League Baseball. Despite tough competition this week, this film is still a must-see. 

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9.) The Croods 

EC: With names like Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, this movie really utilizes its visual effects. Do not spend the extra money on 3D and my understanding is that Epic (See #4) is a better animated film either way.  This is a clearly a family movie and I would not go with out them. 

10.) Oblivion 

LR: Do you want to see Tom Cruise save the world this week, or do you want to see The Rock, Vin Diesel, and Ludacris save the world? The choice is made; see Fast & Furious 6 for a thrilling action film, and see Oblivion at a later time.

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