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Game of Thrones: “Second Sons” Recap

The title may be called “Second Sons,” but this episode was all about the women.


GOT8Arya is really not afraid of anything is she? While the Hound is sleeping she picks up a large rock that she intends to use to smash his skull. As she is tip-toeing over, the Hound keeps his eyes closed, but speaks. He dares her to try to kill him. If she does not kill him on the first shot, then he will cut her hands off. She puts the rock down, and the two get on the horse. The Hound reveals that he is taking Arya to the Twins where Edmure Tully is getting married. He is planning on handing Arya over to Catelyn and Robb for a reward.


The Second Sons approach Daenerys. Mero of Braavos is a misogynistic creep that Dany plays nice with, for now. As the Sons leave, she instructs Ser Barristan to “Kill that one first” in battle. Daario Naharis, on the other hand, is a character that Dany seems quite interested in. When the Second Sons leave we see them talking about killing Dany. The order falls on Daario.


Daario sneaks into where Dany is having a bath. After he lets go of Missandei, he reveals that he has killed the two other members of the Second Sons. He then bows to Dany, promising his loyalty to her.


Just when many thought Stannis did not have a heart, think again. To be fair, he is still the rugged individual that he always has been, but he shows a bit of humanity when he frees Ser Daavos from the dungeons. Meanwhile, Melisandre is going through with her plans for Gendry. After seducing him, she ties him to the bed. Cue Stannis and Ser Daavos walking into the room. Melisandre continues with her actions and places three leeches on Gendry’s body. It is his blood that she is interested in. When she removes them, she brings the three leeches over to the fire. One by one she drops the leeches into the fire, as Stannis recites: Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy, and Joffrey Baratheon. It will be interesting to see what the Lord of Light’s plans are for these three individuals.


The wedding between Sansa and Tyrion has finally arrived, but of course things cannot go smoothly. To start off, Joffrey decides that since Sansa’s father is dead, he is going to be the one to giver her away. To top it off, he takes away Tyrion’s step ladder before walking away.


At the ceremony, Cersei puts Margaery in her place. Margaery is only trying to be nice to her soon-to-be sister-in-law. Cersei wants none of it. She begins telling Margaery about the terrifying story about the Rains of Castamere. When she finishes her story she tells Margaery to never call her sister again.


Of course Joffrey’s irritating behavior was not finished at the wedding. He grabs everyone’s attention telling them that the bedding ceremony needed to take place. A very drunk Tyrion declares there will be no bedding ceremony, and gives a few choice words to Joffrey. He takes Sansa and marches her away from the ceremony declaring that they were going to go consummate the marriage.


GOT83When the two get to their bedroom, Sansa begins taking her clothes off, but Tyrion tells her to stop. They will not sleep together until Sansa wants to, but Sansa tells him that she may never want to. When they wake up the next morning an angry Shae walks into the room to gather the bed linens. To her surprise the linens are clean, revealing that the two did not do the deed. This makes her happy.


Sam, Sam, Sam you are a coward no more! Gilly and Sam take to an abandon house to rest for the night. Their talk about surnames is interrupted when they hear something outside. Sam grabs his sword and a torch to go investigate. There are hundreds of ravens outside screaming, but instantly go silent when they see the White Walker approaching. Gilly knows that he is coming for the baby. Sam, despite all of his fears regarding the White Walkers, springs into action. After being thrown like a rag doll, he takes the piece of dragon glass from his pocket and stabs the White Walker in the

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