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Weekly Box Office Review: Week Two

With the weather so humid lately, why not catch a movie in a nice, cool, movie theater? Voice writers Esteban Cajigas and Lenny Rowe present the top ten at the box office this week, to help you decide which movie is right for you. Films are ranked from highest-grossing film to least, courtesey of

1.) Star Trek Into Darkness

Esteban Cajigas: After the success of its predecessor many people, including myself, doubted how good this movie could be. That doubt was proven wrong when Star Trek stole the show over the weekend. Maturing in terms of tone from the first Star Trek and a great developing story line, I can easily say that this is a must see. 

2.) Iron Man 3 

Lenny Rowe: Any other week, the third edition of the Iron Man saga would dominate the box office. Unfortunately for Robert Downey Jr. and company, the newest Star Trek hit theaters this week. As Esteban said last week, it is better than Iron Man 2, making it a must see for fans of the series. 

3.) The Great Gatsby 3D

EC: Full of visual effects and a dazzling colors, this film isn’t all that great. You can clearly see the Moulin Rouge through the work of Director Baz Luhrmann but there really isn’t that much depth to it. I feel like this movie will be one of those types of movies that people will see just to say that they’ve seen it but it wont be remembered. Don’t waste your time and money on this and go watch Star Trek instead.

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4.) Pain and Gain 

LR: How can you go wrong with an action-comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? This film should be a good appetizer for fans of the Fast and Furious series, which hits theaters this Friday. Michael Bay directed this film, so let me reiterate; explosions, The Rock, and Mark Wahlberg. If you’re a fan of high-octane action, check out this film. 

5.) The Croods

EC: While I didn’t see this in 3D, the consensus seems to be that the extra money isn’t worth it. Judging by its climb in the box office it seems that families keep coming back for more. If your family is looking for an activity to do together then go see this but I wouldn’t recommend it for college kids.

6.) 42

LR: With the MLB season in full swing, why not check out the inspirational story that is Jackie Robinson? As Lisa Kennedy from The Denver Post says, “This story inspires and entertains with a vital chapter in this nation’s history.” If you’re looking for a real, inspirational story, you need to see this film. 

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7.) Oblivion 

EC: What is there to say about Tom Cruise that hasn’t  already been said? In Oblivion we follow Cruise playing Jack Harper as he battles with aliens. While I wouldn’t say that this is good ol’ classic Cruise’s it is certainly  better than his previous role in Jack Reacher. This movie isn’t that special but it is definitely  entertaining. 

8.) Mud 

LR: Let me start off by saying this film is a must-see. Critics laud the flim, saying that Mathew McConaughey has given an all-star performance backed by a skillfully written script. This is a resolute film that sees two young boys forcing to grow-up and see the real world in the face of chaos and despair. Do yourself a favor and see this film; you will not regret it. 

9.) Peeples 

EC: In this film we follow the Peeples who are a well to do family reuniting at the famous Hamptons. As we start to meet the family and settling in, Wade Walker played by the funny Craig Robinson spoils the family fun. Being produced by Tyler Perry, I wouldn’t recommend this movie unless you’re already a fan of his work. If you already are then this is for you.

10.) The Big Wedding 

LR: Do not see this film. Critics and audience members alike have said this movie is a flop. Don’t let the all-star cast fool you, there are much better films on this list that you should see instead. 








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