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The Bear and the Maiden Fair

game-of-thrones-s3e7-05As the season approaches the end, more tension rises between the characters.

The Wildlings have successfully climbed the Wall and are now beginning their march towards Castle Black. Jon questions Orell on why he cut him and Ygritte loose during the climb. Once Jon leaves, Orell reveals to Ygritte that he has feelings for her. He believes that there is something fishy about Jon.

When Jon and Ygritte have a moment alone, Jon mentions that the Wildlings do not have a chance against the Night’s Watch. Though it seems that his loyalty still falls with the Night’s Watch, Ygritte is certain that their love will conceal his loyalty to her.

Bran, Jojen, and Meera tell Osha of their new plans. They are no longer heading towards Castle Black to find Jon. Instead, they want to go past the wall to find the three-eyed crow. Osha is not amused. She tells the group a story of her lover who turned into a White Walker one night. He tried to kill her. Since then she has vowed to never go back on that side of the wall again.

Catelyn is worried when a rainstorm delays their trip to the Twins. She is aware that Walder Frey is going to be furious about Robb and Talisa’s marriage. If they are late to the wedding it will be another slight. Though Edmure has agreed to marry one of Walder Frey’s daughters, it is not what he originally wanted. Frey wanted his daughter to be a queen. Robb and Talisa shoo everyone away so they can have quality time together. Talisa reveals to Robb that she is pregnant with his child.

At King’s Landing, Sansa is discussing her troubles with her upcoming wedding to Margaery. Margaery tries to convince Sansa that Tyrion will be a good husband because he is experienced in bed. Sansa seems to buy it, but is curious as to why Margaery knows a lot about sexual encounters. On the other side, Tyrion is talking to Bronn about his issues with the wedding as well. Where Margaery seems to ease Sansa a bit, Bronn seems to be making Tyrion feel more uncomfortable about his upcoming marriage.

Viewers love to see Joffrey get put in his place, and Tywin does just that this episode. Previously, Tywin had agreed to talk to his nephew after Cersei could not get Joffrey to do something she asked. As the scene moves on, Joffrey loses more and more of his cocky attitude and seems as if a little fear of his grandfather gets instilled in him. Joffrey does say something smart for once. He does realize that the dragons may be a bigger threat than everyone thought.

The Mother of Dragons arrives with her unsullied army outside the city of Yunkai. Because of her previous conquests, the slaves of the city are more than happy to accept her. However, peace is not what she is looking to achieve. A man approaches her and tells her that he will give her all the gold and ships she needs to sail to Westeros. An offer that seems to be too good to pass up is squashed. Dany tells him that she will allow the slavers to keep their lives as long as they free their slaves. It is yet to be seen whether the man is going to accept this offer.

The-Bear-and-the-Maiden-Fair-3x07-game-of-thrones-34467837-1789-1006Poor Theon continues to be tortured by his unnamed torturer. This time, after naked women seduce him, the torturer comes in with a blade, and though the scene fades to black, it is clear that they are going to cut off his manhood. Meanwhile, Gendry finds out why Melisandre, and other people are so interested in him: he is King Robert’s bastard. Also, Arya runs away from the Brotherhood Without Banners after they want to go off course from Riverrun. She thought this was a good idea, until she runs into her old friend: The Hound.

Jaime has finally parted with Brienne and is on his way back to King’s Landing … or so he thought. He finds out that Brienne is actually likely to get tortured, despite her father’s gift. Jaime demands that they turn around. They get to Harrenhal just in time. Brienne is in a pit with a wooden sword up against a bear. The bear takes a few swipes at her before Jaime jumps into the pit. He puts Brienne behind him, and the men try to kill the bear to save Jaime’s life. However, the man with the bow and arrow had a pretty terrible shot. Jaime helps Brienne up and out of the pit, and then scales the wall just before the bear got to him. Next, Jaime forces Brienne’s freedom and they begin their journey to King’s Landing.

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