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The Climb

GOT6Though this week’s episode was not as action filled as the previous two, many important things came to the viewer’s attention.


The episode starts with Sam and Gilly making camp after they had fled from Craster’s Keep. Sam is attempting to make a fire but is failing. Gilly finds out that Sam is indeed high born and takes an immediate interest. She might have found the man who was going to make her life better.


Next, Bran is listening to Meera and Osha bickering about the right way to skin a rabbit. During this, Jojen begins having a dream that is giving him a seizure. When he wakes he tells everyone that he saw Jon Snow on the wrong side of the wall surrounded by enemies.


We then flash to Jon and Ygritte who are preparing to climb the actual wall. Ygritte makes known to Jon that she is aware that her loyalty to the Night’s Watch is not gone. She does not care, what she asks him to promise is that he will never betray her. Jon promises. Whether he keeps this promise in the future is still to be seen.


Arya is practicing her shot with a bow and arrow when the Red Priestess, Melisandre, approaches the camp. She requires Gendry, for what, she does not say. They grab him, tie him up, and put them in the back of a horse drawn wagon. Meanwhile, Arya approaches Melisandre. She does not have a good taste in her mouth about the red women from the beginning, and makes sure her opinion is known. Melisandre tells Arya that she has darkness in her and that they will meet again.


The torturing with Theon continues. His tormentor asks Theon to play a game.  He even pours the water that Theon wanted on the floor. Theon is to guess his identity and motivation. He guesses that he is a Karstark and he is torturing him because he betrayed Robb. This is wrong. What does his captor do? Well he slowly takes off Theon’s fingertip.


Brienne and Jaime sit down to eat a meal with Roose Bolton. He informs them that they will be splitting the two up. Jaime will be sent to the King’s Landing so Bolton can have brownie points with his father, Tywin. Brienne’s future on the other hand, has not yet been determined. However, it does not sound promising since her orders to take Jaime are considered treason.


Two of Walder Frey’s sons approach Robb. Since Robb has broken the promise to marry one of Frey’s daughters, Frey has asked that Catelyn’s brother, Edmure Tully, take one’s hand in marriage. Though Edmure puts up a bit of a fight, he finally agrees to marry. Robb mentions that they will set off for the Frey’s in the morning.


Poor Sansa. One minute she is discussing her extreme happiness with Loras about their marriage arrangement, the next Tyrion is telling her that the plans have changed. Not only did he tell Sansa that they were to be married, but he had to tell her in front of Shae (Tyrion’s lover).


GOT61Tywin and Lady Olenna sit down to discuss Cersei’s marriage to Loras Tyrell. This was definitely the most amusing exchange in the whole episode (but when aren’t Lady Olenna’s scenes amusing?). At first, Olenna does not want to make the match. However, Tywin threatens that he will appoint Loras to the King’s Guard, where he will never be able to marry. Lady Olenna breaks the quill Tywin had, and agrees to the marriage.


The ending of the episode, Jon, Ygritte, and the rest of the Wildlings begin climbing the wall. Ygritte strikes her pick into the wall, which causes an avalanche. Many of the Wildlings fall to their death, but Jon and Ygritte cling on with their partners. One of their partners cuts the rope that attached Jon and Ygritte, but Jon saves their life. They eventually make it to the top of the wall where they take in the breathtaking scene.

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