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And Now His Watch Has Ended

Drogon_flying_S3E4Jaime has lost what he feels is most important to him: his sword hand. As he follows along as a prisoner on his horse the viewer can see that he has given up. Slowly he falls from his horse. His captors mock him. Brienne tries her best to stop their captors from berating him, but she does not have much luck. Jaime has lost hope and refuses to eat. Brienne tells him to stop whining about something that she feels is rather miniscule. She eventually convinces him to eat.


Theon follows his savior aimlessly through the woods. They reach the point where his sister is supposedly waiting. Before they enter, Theon reflects on his past actions. Guilt starts hitting him hard. He realized that his real family was indeed the Starks. However, there was no turning back from what he had done to them. Theon begins to get upset about the innocent farmer boys- who he pretended were Bran and Rickon- he had murdered. After revealing his feelings to his savior, he is led to where his sister is waiting. The room he enters is the torture chamber he had first escaped from. His ‘savior’ smiles sadistically.


The Brotherhood Without Banners takes Arya, Gendry, and their prisoner the Hound, to a hideout. There, many men are gathered. They all have formed their own force. They follow R’hller (the Lord of Light). Beric Dondarrion steps forward and accuses the Hound of mudering children. The Hound simply said that he was following orders. However, Arya accuses him of killing her friend, the Butcher’s boy. He does not deny killing him, and actually shows no remorse when recalling the incident. Dondarrion reveals that there will be a trial by battle.


Tyrion wants revenge on his sister. He seeks out Varys. Varys tells him the story about how he was castrated. He reveals that things like revenge take time and patience. There is a wooden box Varys is trying to open the whole time throughout his story. When he finally pries it open, the man who had cut him many years ago sat there with his mouth-sewn shut. Tyrion is impressed, and decides to be patient.


Varys finds out that Littlefinger is planning on helping Sansa escape. He knows that he will want to marry Sansa in order to gain control of the North. In Vary’s attempt to stop him, he talks with Lady Olenna. They agree it would be a good idea to marry Sansa to Ser Loras. Sansa is ecstatic when she hears the news.


North of the Wall, the Night’s Watch still resides at Craster’s Keep. All hell breaks loose when Rast calls Craster a bastard after he refuses to give the Watch any more food. Enraged, Craster attacks, but one of the brothers grab him and slice his throat. Lord Mormont is infuriated and draws his sword. Rast sneaks up behind Mormont, and stabs him. He continues to stab him until he is dead. Meanwhile, Sam escaped the fight to find Gilly. He tells her that they must leave now. She shows him the fastest way to escape.


dragon flying 2The best scene was saved for last. Dany faces the salve dealer who has disrespected her in his own language time and time again. She passes her dragon to him to gain her army of 8,000 unsullied and is in returned given a whip. She commands them in Valyrian, the language the slave owner has been speaking all along. Dany tosses the whip she is given to the ground. She tells the unsullied that they are free to follow her, but they are also free to leave. None of them move. “Dracarys”, Dany says, the dragon looks down at the slave owner, and engulfs him in flames.

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