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In Boston Bombings, Good Trumped Evil

For everyone who was directly injured, be it through the life-altering loss of a limb, mental scarring or any varying degree of trauma in between, forgetting the day terrorism came to Boston isn’t a possibility. They will live the rest of their lives with April 15th, 2013 firmly etched in their mind like a vivid nightmare. Consider this a plea to everyone else, the people who escaped the events with their lives and families and bodies intact, to never forget what transpired during that week.

Never forget the three people who lost their lives to an undeniable evil. Lü Lingzin, a Chinese immigrant who represented all the hopes and dreams of the hundreds of thousands of foreigners who flock to our land hoping for the benefits that an American education can bring. Krystle Marie Campbell, a young and well-liked beautiful woman who worked as a restaurant manager and represented the thousands of Americans who dream of working hard for themselves and their loved ones in an industry that they enjoy. Never forget Martin William Richard, a child of only 8-years-old who represented the promise and innocence of children everywhere.

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” – Fred Rogers

Never forget the incredible heroics of people like Carlos Arredondo, who literally held shut with his bare hands the exposed arteries of Jeff Bauman after he had lost both his legs in one of the blasts. Never forget all of the people who ran towards the chaos when all human survival instincts must have been screaming to go the other direction. Remember the people who continued right past the finish line after running a marathon to hospitals to donate blood, knowing it might be needed. Law enforcement and medical personnel and regular civilians all played the temporary part of impromptu heroes, simply because they knew it was necessary, knew it was the right thing to do.

Never forget the fact that every single person who was critically injured and made it into the hands of Boston hospital staffs survived. The precision and skill demonstrated by medical personnel all over the city should be admired by all; a lot of stories were allowed to continue thanks to them.

Never forget, if you were a part of the city-wide lockdown that occurred on April 19th, the people that you spent the lockdown with. Remember how you felt following the news; remember how alien the feeling of being afraid to walk out your front door was. The fact that this event was so shocking is an indication of how good we have it living in such a progressive city in such a progressive part of the world.

Never forget the reaction of the city, of the country, and of the world. People held together in unconditional support from all over the globe, showing their support in a range of spine-chilling ways. From a rendition of “Sweet Caroline” at Yankees Stadium to a photographed show of support from Syrians, who encounter this kind of tragedy with terrifying frequency. The singing of the National Anthem by a palpably emotional TD Garden crowd during the first sporting event held after the attack epitomized the strength of Boston. Remember with pride how city icon David Ortiz put a “hell yea” quality exclamation point on it all.

In a picture that has become viral, young Martin Richard proudly holds a sign that says, “No more hurting people” underscored by a single largely written word: Peace. It is this concept that the Tsarnaev brothers attempted to undermine. It is this concept that was tested in the hearts and souls of everyone affected. Never forget that the spirits of good-intentioned benevolent people everywhere who decided that rather than back down from the face of evil, they would face it, and tell it to get the fuck out of their city. Despite all of the loss and sadness that spurred from the events of the Boston Marathon bombing, it is the reaction and victory of the forces of good that needs to never be forgotten.

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