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Suspect in Custody as Boston Waits for Answers

Boston and surrounding town residents can take a deep breath tonight, after several news sources report the second suspect of the Boston Marathon bombing is alive and has been taken into custody. It has been an incredibly difficult week for the Boston community. From the moment the first bomb went off on Monday until today, the United States residents have come together and shown support for all those affected by these horrible acts.

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What seemed to be a never-ending horror movie might conclude tonight. The fear that spread throughout Boston today was extremely real. Last night, there was a shooting at MIT, a robbery at a 7-11 in Cambridge and a police chase that led to Watertown. Different news sources reported different details that pertained to each event, but they all had one thing in common: it led to the death of the first suspect, and the identity of the second suspect.

Within hours, authorities, news media and the Boston community were all focused on the second suspect that could not be found. Schools canceled classes, the MBTA shut down service, and a shelter in place ban was given to Watertown, Boston, Cambridge and surrounding areas. Social media played an extremely large role throughout this whole ordeal. From Tumblr to Twitter, people have kept each other updated on the most recent events as they developed. Boston became a ghost town, sports games were canceled, and people were instructed to stay at home and be extremely vigilant.

After 24 hours of pure panic and fear, the suspect has finally been captured. Now the question remains,why? Why did this 19-year old Tsarnaev and his brother do this? The hope was that the authorities would catch him alive, and they did. The U.S. has displayed an extreme amount of togetherness and support to its fellow Bostonians.

Tonight, Boston celebrates the feeling of safety and community. The Boston Police Department, FBI, SWAT, first responders and all other supporting authorities have done an incredible job faced with the events that have occurred this week. The Boston doctors, and medical staff that reacted to the bombings have also done an incredible job. The local news media, from the Boston Globe, to WHDH 7NEWS and Fox 25 are applauded for their hard work reporting all week, and consecutively over the past 24 hours during this manhunt.

Last but not least, Bostonians, you have all stayed together through such a difficult time. You kept running, and have all truly stayed strong and united– for that we can all breathe easy tonight.



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