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Greenday Concert Review

GreendayA drunken pink bunny stumbled onto the stage. He staggered his was across trying to get the crowd pumped up by throwing his hands in the air. After chugging a full beer in front of the audience, the bunny managed to stumble his way back off the stage.


The lights dimmed shortly after and the crowd cheered in anticipation. Slowly each member of Green Day made their way onto the stage at the Dunkin Donuts Center in Rhode Island.


Lights exploded, and the band jumped right into their first song “99 Revolutions” (also the name of the tour) off their new album ¡Tré!.


“I need a little kid!” Front man Billie Joe Armstrong said as he walked across the stage looking for a participant during their second song “Know Your Enemy”. Armstrong pulled a young boy with a broken arm up on stage to have him sing the rest of the song to the crowd.


The next seven songs were pulled from their newest trilogy records ¡Uno!, ¡Dos! and ¡Tré!. Also, a few songs from American Idiot such as “Letterbomb”, “Holiday” and “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”.


With a taste of the new, Green Day switched gears and pulled out some oldies but goodies much to the crowd’s pleasure. The most surprising were “Who Wrote Holden Caulfield” off their second album Kerplunk, and “Going to Pasalacqua” off of their very first album 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.


Of course, to please the crowd, Green Day also played many of their big hits such as “When I Come Around”, “Basket Case” and “Brain Stew”.


“Who knows the next verse?” Armstrong said during the middle of the song “Longview”. He walked across the stage looking into the crowd, everyone itching to get picked. Finally Armstrong picked a teenager to come up and sing the rest of the song. The boy then left the stage in a stage dive encouraged by Armstrong.


After playing through the song “She”, the members of Green Day went off into the corners of the stage. When they came back they dawned funny hats and accessories such as oversized glasses.


Greenday2“King For a Day!” Armstrong shouted as the band went into a high energy performance of the song. During, Armstrong grabbed a kazoo and started having an instrument battle with the saxophonist Jason Freese center stage.


Still wearing their silly hats, Armstrong started to sing the beginnings to the classic song “Shout”. “Now wait a minute!” Armstrong sang, dragging out the word ‘wait’. Drummer Tré Cool got out from behind his drum set, and grabbed the microphone. With Armstrong behind the drums now, Cool started singing the next verse to “Shout”, doing some serious high kicks in the process. Armstrong took back to microphone, singing the part over once again. After his turn, bassist Mike Dirnt was egged on from the crowd to sing the a part of the song as well.


After singing most of “Shout” the band turned it into a compilation of some famous songs such as “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” and “Hey Jude”.


The band finished the set with “Minority”. However, they were not done. They returned for an encore which consisted of three songs – “American Idiot”, “Jesus of Suburbia” and “Brutal Love”.


Green Day played for just about three hours on Tuesday night giving it their all throughout the whole show. The crowd was involved and loving every second of the concert.


If you want to see one of the greatest live bands around, Green Day will not disappoint.

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