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Featured Senior Series: Andrew McCarty

Interviewing Senior Andrew McCarty, President of Beta Alpha Psi, the National Accountings Honors Society, is like trying to claim the Boston Common for your own. It’s impossible. Numerous times his eyes meet someone he knows. “Hi, how are you?” then adds nonchalantly, “friend of mine.”


Funny, because this is exactly what he thinks is an incredible benefit of Boston and Suffolk: the network possibilities. “They’re pretty good. Just because you’re here and people work close by.”

He talks about the speakers his organization, Beta Alpha Psi hosted: “All the speakers we would bring in pretty much worked in Boston, so it was very easy for them to come over on their lunch break.”

McCarty, who came, to Suffolk to play baseball among other things, is graduating in a few weeks as an accounting major. After that, he will be studying at Suffolk for his Certified Public Accountant exam while starting an internship at Deloitte, just at the other side of the Common.

In his junior year, McCarty decided to turn the wheel 180 degrees from being just a baseball player. He focused more on his academic career and became heavily involved in the business school and other organizations like the Volunteer Income Tax Assistant program in Boston. The extracurricular activities helped him build networks, he says. To him, networks are absolutely necessary: “You can’t just get straight A’s. That’s the first step, I think.”

What was his luckiest moment during his Suffolk years? “Probably staying here, to tell you the truth.” McCarty was also accepted into Boston College, but when the finances didn’t work out, he chose to stay at Suffolk University. “Turned out staying here really made my career, allowed me to shine and take advantage of everything Suffolk has to offer,” he says, “you can get a lot out of your experience here as long as you work for it.

His first day of college is kind of a blur, but McCarty remembers two things clearly: how he met one of his best friends in his first class that day (For the fans: EN 103 from professor Connolly) and how he switched his major.

McCarty switched from being a Finance Major to an Accounting Major. At that time, an important reason was the dropping job market. During his first internship at Fidelity, he realized he made the right decision. “I just like doing it.” After a short pause he adds: “and I think I’m good at it, so…”

ASB 2012

McCarty is having a hard time to find something inside the university he is not going to miss. The closest he can get is “all the wind.” His best experience, however, doesn’t take him long to think of. He says it was the Alternative Spring Break trip he took his junior year: climbing a mountain and building a house for Habitat For Humanity in Avery County, North Carolina: “If you have a chance to do that, I’d recommend it. It’s awesome.”

His graduation this spring is at 9:30 in the morning, but McCarty is okay with that. “I like it. I got the rest of the day to myself,” he says smiling. If it’s up to him, he and his family will go to Maggiano’s on Columbus Ave for graduation lunch.



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