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Disconnect Film Review

disconnect_xlgIf there is one movie that is worth temporarily getting away from the world of media and social networking, it is appropriately entitled Disconnect. With its entrancing storylines and fully fleshed-out characters, it will be hard not to want to Tweet about it.

Disconnect follows three interconnected storylines as lives start to crash and burn. Characters spanning from a workaholic father to a couple facing identity theft to a cyber-bully to a determined journalist, take audiences on a dramatic journey into the world of communication gone awry. This ensemble cast includes Jason Bateman, Andrea Riseborough, Hope Davis, and Max Thieriot and many others that you won’t soon forget. Disconnect proves that a lack of communication in a media crazed world is not at all uncommon.

One talent to take notice of is sixteen year old Colin Ford, who proves his acting skills are a force to be reckoned with. Remembering him from his role in 2011’s We Bought A Zoo, Ford takes on the role of an angsty cyber-bullying teen who is estranged from his father only adds fuel to his mischief. He is no newcomer to acting, and his acting comes across as natural and deep. Give Ford a couple of years to develop into the full-fledged teen heartthrob he no doubt will deliver.

Probably most recognized for his role as the shady and mysterious loner in 2012’s House at the End of the Street, which he co-stars with mega-movie star Jennifer Lawrence, actor Max Thieriot shows off his ability to play versatile roles, each just as convincing as the one before. This time, Thieriot brilliantly portrays the character of  Kyle, a barely-legal internet porn performer,  who begins to develop a relationship with the broadcast journalist who found him online. His talent is apparent in Disconnect and carries the promise that audiences can expect to see several amazing performances by Thieriot in the future.

One slightly negative problem to point out is that while the characters are well rounded and realistic, the couples’ storyline does not connect as strongly to the other two storylines as the others do. Though this is a tad disappointing, the lack of connection never takes away from the overall clarity or enjoyment.

Disconnect will tear audiences apart as they experience the ups and downs of these everyday characters’ lives. Artistically and intriguingly filmed, viewers will be on the edge of their seats with suspense while watching this realistic, dark thriller with their cell phones all but forgotten.


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