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Dark Wings, Dark Words

3x02-Dark-Wings-Dark-Words-game-of-thrones-34183892-1920-1080The second episode begins with Bran dreaming. He is walking through the woods, bow and arrow in hand. A black three-eyed crow, which he has seen before in his dreams, is perched on a branch. His brothers Robb and Jon are behind him telling him how to shoot the bow. Then, a boy emerges from the forest and tells Bran he cannot kill the crow because the crow is Bran.


Robb and Talisa share an intimate moment before Roose Bolton interrupts them with news. The King of the North learns that Catelyn’s father has died, Winterfell has been burned down, Rickon and Bran are nowhere to be found, and neither is Theon.


Where is Theon? Well he is locked away in a dungeon being tortured by men he does not know. They ask him multiple times why he took Winterfell. He answered them twice, but neither answer seemed to satisfy them. Later, a boy tells him that Theon’s sister Yara has sent the boy and he is going to help him escape from the dungeon.


Sansa is in her room talking with her handmaid Shae. They are interrupted when Ser Loras asks to escort Sansa down to where Margaery and her grandmother, Lady Olenna, are waiting. When the three are alone, Lady Olenna asks Sansa about Joffrey. Sansa is terrified. She is reluctant to say anything but Lady Olenna keeps pressing her. Sansa tells the two that Joffrey is a monster. Neither Margaery nor Lady Olenna seems taken aback by Sansa’s answer.


Talisa approaches Catelyn who is constructing a dream catcher. She explains that dream catchers are what mothers make for their children when they are in danger. Talisa asks how many she has made, and Catelyn responds two.


3x02-Dark-Wings-Dark-Words-game-of-thrones-34183886-1920-1080Catelyn then goes into a story about how she made one for one of her children when they came down with the pox. She explains that she stayed with the child all night, praying to God that he would get better. The viewer is shocked to learn that this child is Ned’s bastard Jon Snow. Catelyn believes that she was the reason Jon had come down with the pox because she wished death on him. Then she promised that if the gods healed him, she would love him. She broke the promise, and is convinced that is why all the tragedy has fallen upon House Stark.


When Bran wakes up he sees the boy who had appeared in his dream earlier. His name is Jojen Reed, and his sister Meera accompanies him. Jojen approaches Bran’s direwolf, Summer, and the wolf backs down. This seems to prove to Bran and company that the Reed’s are not a threat. Jojen then reveals to Bran that he is a warg, and that they have been searching for him.


Arya and company are traveling when they hear someone whistling. They hide, but the travelers know they are there. They capture the kids and bring them to a tavern. The travelers seem to want to do no harm. Arya, Gendry, and Hotpie eat a meal at the Tavern, but decide to go on their way. Their captors have no problem with this. When they are about to leave, men walk in with the prisoner, the Hound. He recognizes Arya.


Brienne is contemplating which path to take. She takes Jaime and decides that going quickly over the bridge is the best path. As long as they’re quick they won’t be seen. When they are half way across, Jaime sits down and catches Brienne off guard. He takes one of her swords. The two begin fighting. Jaime has been waiting for this moment. His plan is to kill her, and free himself. However, Brienne puts a stop to his plan when she wears him down and disarms him.


The two hear people approaching. When they look up Bolton men on horseback are looking on. Both are captured.


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