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Guards_S3_Ep1Finally, the season premiere everyone had been waiting for arrived on Sunday night. Game of Thrones began its third season. The end of season two left the viewers with multiple questions: What is Jon’s fate beyond the Wall? What will Dany do now that she plans to leave Qarth? Was the battle of Black Water the last of Stannis Baratheon? Now all of these questions are answered.


The episode picks up right where it left off, with Sam Tarly fleeing from the White Walkers. He is attacked by one of the walkers, but Ghost comes to his rescue. Sam luckily stumbles upon a small group of his brothers.


Jon Snow arrives to the tent where Mance Raydar (the King Beyond the Wall) will decide his fate. Mance questions Jon about his reasons for leaving the Night’s Watch. Jon’s answer satisfies the King Beyond the Wall, and will lives another day.


Back at King’s Landing, Cersei visits her brother Tyrion who is nursing an injury in his room. She questions his reasons for wanting to speak with their father, Tywin. After not receiving much of an answer she leaves. Tyrion gets ready for his meeting with his father.


The most powerful scene of episode occurs between Tyrion and his father. Tyrion wants nothing more than his father’s approval. Tywin wants nothing to do with him. As the only son who is able to inherit Casterly Rock, he asks his father for the fortress. Tywin is disgusted by the thought. He belittles his son, until he finally agrees to give him some powers due to his duties at war. Tyrion leaves hurt and dissatisfied.


Ser Daavos, the Onion Knight, finds himself waking up on a rock in the middle of the ocean. He was swept there after the battle of Black Water. A boat comes to his rescue. Daavos talks to the man onboard, and begs him to return to Dragonstone. He wants to “carve out” Melisandre’s heart who he believes is responsible for his son’s death. Daavos goes to Stannis to try to talk some sense into him. However, Stannis is brainwashed by the Red Priestess and believes that Daavos is the reason his fleet lost the battle. Daavos is sentenced to the dungeons.


Robb Stark and his army arrive to Harrenahal. There is dead littered everywhere, many of them northern men. As they investigate the area, Robb is still seen treating his mother like a prisoner.


While Sansa and Shae sit on the docks, Littlefinger approaches asking to speak to Sansa alone. He reveals that he will help her escape King’s Landing. She wants nothing more. Meanwhile, Ros tells Shae to watch out for Littlefinger with Sansa.


Joffrey’s soon to be wife, Margaery Tyrell, orders her convoy to come to a stop in the streets of Flea Bottom. She gets out and walks the streets without a worry of what the people around her could do. Joffrey watches from his convoy, but does not try to get out and retrieve his soon-to-be-queen. Margaery enters an orphanage and sits with the children. Later at dinner, Cersei warns Margaery about Flea Bottom. It was not too long ago that they were attacked. Joffrey quiets his mother by saying that he’s sure Margaery knows what she is doing.


Giant_working_S3_Ep1Daenerys Targaryen brings her terrified Dothraki army across the sea and into Astorpor. Jorah Mormont has given her the advice that she could buy an army of Unsullied. Dany takes a look at the unsullied army, but is drawn back when she is told for an initiation he Unsullied must murder a slave baby in front of their mother.


Dany tells the man that she will come to a decision on the army the following day. Her and Mormont set off. Dany begins playing a game of hide-and-seek with a small girl. The girl throws a ball to her, and signals her to open it. Dany retrieves the ball, but a man with a cloak comes at her with a knife. Jorah fights him off. The ball falls to the ground and a scorpion comes face to face with Dany. Someone sticks a knife through the scorpion before it could reach her.


Dany’s hero is Barristan Selmy – the man who was expelled from Joffrey’s Kingsguard the pervious season. He tells Dany that he wishes to be on her Queensguard and swears his allegiance to her.

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