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The Sapphires Film Review

The-Sapphires-movie-poster-2This Australian film about the 1968 girl group called the Sapphires shines brighter than any other film of its kind. Funny, original, heartbreaking and, best of all, inspired by a true story, audiences will be requesting an encore of The Sapphires.

In the film, an all-girl Aboriginal singing group comes together and travels to Vietnam in the midst of WWII to perform for the troops and hopefully become famous.  It quickly becomes apparent to the girls that not everything is as glamorous as they imagined it would be. Nevertheless, on their search for fame, the group, accompanied by their quirky manager, find love, tragedy, and the reality of war in all of this.

The Sapphires is not afraid to “go there” in terms of comedy. What is refreshing about this film’s humor is that it does not resort to slapstick comedy for laughs, which is so common today. Listening to the characters interactions is like listening to your own family’s use of bickering and sarcasm. With its unexpected matter-of-fact sarcasm and abundance of quotable quotes, it is no wonder that this film made its way to the U.S. less than a year after its original Australian release. Viewers from around the globe will thoroughly enjoy this films comedic presence.

And can we talk about the vocals? You know those chills you get when you are twenty minutes into an amazing concert and the band starts playing your favorite song?  The music in this film takes you there and back. Featuring retro songs and rocking them out to give them a modern appeal is easier said than done, but The Sapphires undoubtedly nails every note.

The Irish actor best known for his roles in Friends with Kids, This Is 40, and the NBC television show Girls, makes his mark as the male lead role in The Sapphires. Playing Dave Lovelace, the girl’s washed-up manager, Chris O’Dowd takes the lead as he contributes his perfect comedic timing to the never-lacking sassiness of The Sapphires. He is one to watch and definitely a force to be reckoned with as he appears in more releases before the year is out.

The Sapphires takes center stage with its wit, emotion, and strong vocals. Get ready to give a stand ovation.

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