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Top 5 Days on the Sports Calendar

Opening DayAs Opening Day, one of the most looked forward to events on the sporting calendar, is upon us, it calls to question what other dates are sports fans counting down to? Here is a list of the top five sporting events on the yearly calendar:

5. Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs: Some could argue that the Divisional Round of the NFL playoffs could be underrated on this list. Now I know that two games are one Saturday and then the remaining two on Sunday, but this event is way too good to leave off the list. Each of the remaining eight teams are fighting tooth and nail to prolong their seasons in hope of reaching their Conference Championship game, and potentially the Super Bowl. Playoff football is different than any other major sport. The game changes. Teams play tougher defense, show more passion and the fans are relentlessly loud, in turn making the playoff intensity electric.

4. First Round of March Madness: The first day of March Madness is truly maddening. All the brackets are in. Everyone thinks that they are going to outsmart the rest, and most likely by the end of the day, many of the people will be ripping their hair out as well as their brackets because the unforeseen upset by a “Florida Gulf Coast” school. To really know when an annual sporting event is truly one of the best, you need to look at who actually cares about it. Sure, we know that millions watch and fill out brackets but when you get the President of the United States taking time to  fill out his own bracket on National TV then you know its pretty big. People love March Madness because everyone loves the underdog and with this tournament, there is always going to be a Cinderella to root for after your team falls.

3. Winter Classic: Who does not love the winter classic? No matter if you are a hockey fan or not it is still so cool to see a professional baseball or football stadium turned into a winter wonderland. The Winter Classic is also placed on the perfect day. I always considered New Years Eve to be more of the holiday rather than New Years Day anyway. Everyone who went out and partied on New Years Eve will want a day to recover, lounge on the couch and watch a  pretty cool sporting event and as the NHL gains more popularity so will the Winter Classic.

2. MLB Opening Day: Opening day in the MLB is just a great feeling. After a cold winter, spring is finally starting to show itself and the boys of summer take the field! With opening day comes with the optimism from every team that this year could finally be the year. Soon it will be summer and the dog days will be upon us. Barbecues, bonfires and baseball are one of the most beautiful combinations that a fan can think of and it all starts on Opening Day.

1. Super Bowl Sunday: The Super Bowl is almost at national holiday status nowadays. No matter who is playing, no matter what ends up happening between the lines, everyone will be watching. That is what makes this day, the greatest day in all of sports. Football is the most popular sport in this country, so why wouldn’t its most glorious day be number one on this list. If you don’t believe me, ask any advertising or PR firm that works for big time clients. Last year’s Super Bowl between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens demanded 4 million dollars for a 30 second spot. Companies aren’t throwing down that much cash just to reach a small amount of consumers. They know that even if you don’t like football, the Super Bowl will be on your TV because well, it’s the only sporting event that is a spectacle.

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