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The episode opens with Hannah having lunch with a 30-something man at a chic restaurant.  After small talk he delivers the surprise that he wants her to write an eBook.  Her excitement is stunted at the reveal that it is due to her potential publisher, in a month.  She returns home to begin writing, spitting out a few disjointed false starts on her stickered MacBook, only to be startled by a crashing sound.  The crash alerts Hannah to Jessa’s occupancy of the apartment.  After falling asleep in the tub, she emerges from the bathroom, frazzled in a way we have never seen her.  However Hannah, per usual, only goes on about herself, even ignoring Jessa’s inquiry about where she keeps her dustpan.  Jessa, understandably intolerant of Hannah’s impenetrable egocentrism, retorts Hannah’s non-acknowledgement of her current state, by explaining to her the insignificance she feels Hannah’s book deal bears, to Hannah herself and to her readers.

Marnie’s relationship with Booth is seemingly idyllic.  Sitting naked in his bed, Marnie is flattered at Booth’s request of her to ‘host’ his upcoming art party, assuming they are throwing the event together.

She then watches as he berates his assistant, who stands unaffected by his nudity in the doorway to his bedroom, over tasting the groceries he sends her out for, until the argument escalates into him firing her.

At the party things take a turn for the realistic worse.  Hannah’s arrival garners tepid warmth from Marnie, illustrating the unavoidable deterioration of their friendship.  But the low-point of the evening comes when Marnie, who has invested in an out-of-character avant-garde dress, and Booth slip into the wine cellar to replenish.  When he proposes compensating her for her services as hostess, Marnie laughs, assuming her new boyfriend is joking.  To her shock, not only is he serious in his intentions to pay her for her hostess service, but that realization leads her to the hard truth that he is not her boyfriend at all.  She breaks down in tears as Booth ‘comforts’ her with lines about his feelings towards relationships at this point in his life.  She laments over her connection to him that she felt through his art.  At this remark their sad misunderstanding turns into a fight.  Booth accuses her being infatuated with his art rather than himself.  He delivers the final blow; that he had slept with his previous assistant, but that she, unlike Marnie, understood the casualness.

Hannah is brought down to earth, when she announces to another partygoer in line for the bathroom that she is writing a book, and he responds by directing her to another person there who is as well.  Although his is ‘only an eBook’, he adds, stinging Hannah with the reality that her small success is simply that, small.

After returning home Hannah calls Marnie, who is on her way home, and the two share distant remarks, each lying about the downturn evening before hanging up with insincere “I love you’s.”

While cleaning the coffee shop with Hannah, Ray realizes she never returned his copy of ‘Little Women’.  Hannah says she left it at Adam’s, and Shoshanna, who has been standing by inserting her usual abbreviated wisdom, remarks that it’s Ray’s job ‘as a man’ to go to Adam’s.

Adam is in his usual state of violent furniture making.  After shaking a tool in his face, inquiring if Hannah had sent him, Adam lets Ray in.  Unable to locate the book, and frankly not caring, Adam relinquishes the search to Ray.  It abruptly ends, though when Ray opens a door, and is confronted by an aggressive dog.  Adam explains he had stolen the dog after he saw it tied up outside a coffee shop and felt sorry for it.  Ray, upset at the assumed trauma this must have caused the family of the dog, insists they return the dog to its’ rightful owner.

The two begin their journey over the river and through the woods…to Staten Island.  On the ferry Ray expresses his contentment and sporadic discontentment with his relationship with Shoshanna and Adam reveals the broad spectrum of ages of his past relationships.  The two continue their conversation after unloading.  It is apparent in his discourse, Adam has not moved on from Hannah.  Ray, never one to guard his feelings, expresses to him his dislike of Hannah.  Adam responds by not only remaining pious to the Hannah he knew when they were together, a far cry from the character seen lately, but by attacking Ray’s relationship with Shoshanna.  In a classic display of his impetuous temper, Adam storms off, leaving Ray with the stolen dog.

Alone, Ray continues on to return the dog to the address on his collar.  When he finally arrives at the house, a residence surrounded by a chicken wire fence, he is met by a brute girl who accuses him of being the one that stole the dog.  She threatens that, although she did not care for it at all, her father did, and he would be home soon.  She punctuates her rant with a string of racial slurs.Boys

Ray, disillusioned with the loving home he thought he was returning the dog to, and discontent with his life closes the episode crying on a park bench with the stolen dog seated beside him.

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